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Hello, I’m Caron and welcome to my homesteading site which is all about saving money at home, getting creative with free craft and DIY projects and eat well with food grown in your own garden.

There is nothing better than eating food you have grown yourself.  Being self sufficient by using and preserving that produce has always been my ultimate goal.

These free recipes have a printable PDF version or you can save them to your device to save paper.  Feel free to comment, everyone has different tastes and its interesting to see how different people tweak the recipes.

I have a love of sewing and crafts. My shop on etsy.com is called Caraway Keepsakes on which I sell things I have made and old things I find. On this blog I will be giving you free patterns to try. I’d love to hear any feedback about how they went for you.

We are lucky enough to live on a few acres amongst the gum trees in rural Australia. The kookaburras always make me smile when I hear them cackle. The one I use on this site sat for me while I took his photo, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Homesteading has always been a passion of mine. I don’t claim to be an expert at one thing, but I know a little about a lot of things and hope you can take these ideas and expand on them. Please read my Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Thank you for spending time on my site,