Best Basic White Bread Recipe
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Best Basic White Bread Recipe

This best basic white bread recipe can be made using budget white flour and will fill your home with wonderful aromas. You don’t need any special machines to make your own fresh bread at home.

Making your own bread from scratch can seem daunting but as long as you knead the dough for the required time to get the gluten working and make sure the dough has enough time to rise you really can’t go wrong.

You will achieve a better texture with bread flour however this recipe will still work with budget flour which was used in these photos.

Makes 1 Loaf – Serving size is 2 thick slices.

Continue reading for money saving tips and gluten and dairy free options. There is also a PDF version of this recipe at the end of the post which can be printed or saved to your device to save on paper.

*The Nutrition Facts label above should be used as a guide only. The amounts can change depending on the brands you use. To reduce the fat content always try to buy reduced fat products and lean meat when you can afford it. Look for reduced salt products and low sugar without artificial sugar replacements.

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Best Basic White Bread Recipe Q & A

Is it necessary to knead bread for 10 minutes?

The bread dough will have a smooth and elastic texture when it is ready. This can be achieved after kneading for 6 minutes if your flour is of good quality. Cheaper flour does benefit from kneading for the extra few minutes to get the gluten really working and it’s a great workout for your arms!

Why didn’t my bread rise?

There are two reasons why bread doesn’t rise. The first is that the yeast is no longer active as it may be past it’s best before date. The second is that the warm water was too hot and killed the yeast. The water should be tepid or just warm to the touch.

Why does my bread have a cake texture?

This may happen when the dough hasn’t been kneaded for long enough. Remember, with cakes you mix the batter as little as possible whereas with bread you work the dough to get the gluten working and forming that bread texture. Budget flour will have more of a cake texture than strong bread flour.

Where is the best place to leave the dough to rise?

Leave bread dough in the warmest room in your home which doesn’t have any drafts and is closed off from pets.

How do I warm bread slices?

To get that just out of the oven experience the next day; cut a slice of bread then spread butter on the slice. Microwave on high in 20 second bursts until the butter has just melted. If you leave it in the microwave too long the bread will go hard.

Gluten and Dairy Free Options

For gluten free it is important to replace the flour with a good quality measure for measure baking gluten free flour mix. You really don’t save any money by making up your own. You may not get the same amount of rise in this recipe and the texture will be different but if you are on a gluten free diet you would be used to these types of bread.

This measure for measure Gluten Free Flour from King Arthur Flour is highly rated. (Paid link)

For dairy free; replace the milk with either lactose free milk, almond milk or oat milk. Replace the butter with a dairy free margarine.

Saving Money

It is always cheaper to buy pantry basics such as flour in bulk packs where possible. Flour has a long shelf life of 12 months when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This King Arthur Special Patent Flour comes in a 50 pound bag and is great for making bread. (Paid link)

The caster sugar can be replaced with regular granulated white sugar if you don’t have caster on hand.

Save more money by buying salt in bulk. It doesn’t go off but must be kept dry once opened. Sugar will also last a very long time when stored in an airtight container to keep it dry and safe from pests such as ants.

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