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These fish recipes can be used with both fresh and budget fillets.  Not everyone has access to fresh fish or can afford it so giving frozen fish or canned tuna a little more flavour is important.

Fresh herbs do wonders for fish. Try planting a few herbs in a pot or in your garden.  Growing your own food is rewarding and saves money.  The fresh burst of flavour just makes you feel healthy.

Easy Creamy Tuna Pot Pie

Pan Fried Thai Fish Cakes

Gluten Free Tempura Fish Batter

Lemon & Dill Salmon Patties

Healthy Fried Fish with a Light Coating

Tuna Loaf with Tomato Sauce

Crispy Beer Battered Fish and Healthy Chips

Tuna Pasta Casserole

Old Fashioned Fish and Potato Pie

Fresh Herbed Fish

Herb Crumbed Fish

Tuna Cakes