Collecting and Storing Lavender Seeds
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Collecting and Storing Lavender Seeds

Collecting and storing lavender seeds from your garden is a great way to create more lavender plants without having to spend any money. Lavender seeds are easy to collect and germinate at home.

Lavender is a hardy plant with beautiful fragrant blooms which begin to appear in the spring. Lavender seeds are collected from the dried blooms. You may find new plants will germinate on their own around the existing plants if you leave the blooms on the plant however cutting the spent blooms will promote more flowers.

Consider using your new plants to create a lavender hedge around a garden bed or as a border along a driveway. Plant the lavender seedlings 10 inches (25cm) apart then fertilize with liquid fertilizer every two weeks for the quickest results.

Collecting Lavender Seeds

It is best to pick the dried blooms after any morning dew has dried. The seeds can be tan or black in color and are found at the base of each individual bloom. Not all blooms will contain seeds so it is always best to pick more than you will need.

The lavender seed is in the base of the bloom.
The lavender seed at the base of the bloom.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Pruners – If you have weak hands these top rated ratchet pruners will make gardening easier. They will cut through branches up to an inch thick like butter. (Paid link)
  • Container


How to Collect Lavender Seeds

  1. Cut the Flowerheads

    Let the lavender flowers dry on their stems. When you don’t see any green on the flowerhead they are ready to be picked. Cut the flower with pruners or sharp scissors then place in a container.

    Dried lavender flower ready to be cut for the seeds.

  2. Leave to Dry

    Leave the open container in an area with good circulation for a few days to let the flowers finish drying.

    The flowerheads left in an open container to dry.

  3. Dislodge the Seeds

    Rub the flowers between your fingers to dislodge the seeds then discard the flowers and stems. If you are having trouble getting the seeds out you may need to pull apart the individual blooms.

    Removing the seeds from the lavender blooms.

  4. Separate the Seeds

    Place the seeds on a plate then shake the plate back and forth to separate the seeds from any leftover blooms.

    Separating the lavender seeds from the dried blooms.

Storing Lavender Seeds

How do I store lavender seeds?

Store lavender seeds in an airtight container then label with the contents and date collected. Place in a cool place out of direct sunlight with low humidity such as a pantry. They will be viable for 2 years or longer however less seeds will germinate the older they are.

Storing Lavender Seeds in an airtight container with a label.

Seed Storage Containers

Small glass jars with tight fitting lids such as condiment jars are great for storing seeds. Wash out well when empty then leave to air dry before reusing. It doesn’t matter if the old label is still on the jar. Simply place a new label over the top or write over the old one with a permanent marker.

Small freezer bags can also be used for storing seeds. Label then push out as much air as possible before securing tightly. Use an egg carton to store your bags of seeds. It will keep them together and provide some insulation.

Small spice containers such as these reusable glass jars from Amazon are great for storing seeds and dried herbs from your garden. (Paid link)


When you are ready to germinate the lavender seeds place them in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks before planting. The cold hours will increase the germination rate. See this guide to Growing Lavender from Seed.

Would you like to bring the wonderful aroma of lavender inside your home? See this guide to making Lavender Potpourri or Lavender Satchels.

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