Collecting and Storing Rosemary Seeds
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Collecting and Storing Rosemary Seeds

Collecting and storing rosemary seeds is easy to do at home and is a great way to create more plants for family, friends or for a rosemary hedge for your garden without having to spend any money.

Rosemary plants are hardy and will withstand most climatic conditions depending on the variety. However, some are better suited to cold regions than others and all need free draining soil. While they will withstand most soil types, they do prefer a soil with a high Ph. A handful of Dolomite can be added to the soil to raise the Ph if needed.

Choosing Rosemary Plants to Collect Seeds

Rosemary has beautiful blue flowers with some cultivars in white and pink. When choosing a plant to collect seeds from keep in mind that some new cultivars may not produce viable seeds however some new cultivars do so you may have to trial the seeds to find out.

When do you collect rosemary seeds?

Collect rosemary seeds after the plant has flowered in the spring when the flower buds begin to dry and open revealing the seeds inside.

How long can you store rosemary seeds?

Rosemary seeds can be stored for up to two years when stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place with low humidity. Fewer seeds will be viable the older they are.

Collecting and Storing Rosemary Seeds

Tools and Equipment Needed


How to Collect and Store Rosemary Seeds

  1. Look for Dried Buds

    After your rosemary plant has flowered check the blooms once a day. You are looking for dried buds that have opened revealing their seeds inside. They usually point upwards so are easy to see.

    Checking the rosemary blooms for seeds.

  2. Collect the Seeds

    Holding the container under the dried bloom pinch it off then place in the container. Search for any more dried blooms holding the container under each one as you pinch it off so you don’t lose any of the seeds. Continue checking every day until you have enough seeds. It will only take a minute or two of your time.

    Collecting the dried rosemary blooms by pinching off.

  3. Remove the Seeds from the Bloom

    Next rub the dried blooms gently between your fingers to dislodge the seeds onto a plate then discard the leftover dried blooms.

    Rosemary seeds on a plate after being removed from the dried bloom.

  4. Label and Store the Rosemary Seeds

    Place a label with the contents (Rosemary Seeds) and today’s date on either an airtight recycled glass jar or small plastic freezer bag. Tip the seeds into the container then seal. Try to remove as much air out of the freezer bag as you can before tying off.

    Rosemary seeds stored in a freezer bag and labelled.

Germinating Rosemary Seeds

Rosemary seeds are easy to collect and store at home. To germinate your rosemary seeds; fill seed trays with seed raising mix then moisten the trays. Sprinkle the seeds over the top then lightly cover with soil. Keep moist with a water spritzer. (Paid link)

Place the trays in a spot with a temperature of 73ºF (23ºC). Seeds will not germinate in cooler conditions. Transplant seedlings when they are large enough to handle.


If you are having trouble maintaining a constant temperature for your seeds to germinate or you would like to germinate your seeds during the winter; consider buying a heat pad for your seed trays.

This inexpensive top rated heat pad from Amazon will raise the ambient air temperature by 10 to 20ºF which will help germinate most seeds. (Paid link)

Another method of creating more rosemary plants is to take cuttings. See this Rosemary Cutting Guide for more information.

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