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Create Pressed Flower Gift Cards on Your Computer

Create pressed flower gift cards on your computer to personalise your cards and create something extra special with pressed flowers from your garden.

Pressing flowers is easy and a great way to preserve flowers.  They give more dimension to the card and look stunning.  Try this free guide to pressing flowers.

Choosing Plain Gift Cards

Plain gift cards can be found in in the craft section of sewing, discount or stationary stores.  They come in different sizes such as A5 or A4.  The card templates given below are for A5 size cards but you can create different sizes with the instructions given later in this post.

It is sometimes cheaper to buy card stock and fold them yourself but you will have to buy envelopes separately. Otherwise you can buy them pre-folded with envelopes.

Be aware when choosing plain gift cards that the background colour of the card can affect the colours printed on the card.  In the picture below you can see the difference between a white and cream background.  The cream gives a matt colour with less detail but still looks attractive.

Difference in colour on different card background colours.

Materials and Equipment Needed

Computer with Microsoft Word

Colour Printer

Pressed Flowers

Clear Top Coat Nail Polish

Pack of Plain Gift Cards – This A5 Cardstock is good value or try these 50 A4 pre-folded cards and envelopes from Amazon. (Paid link)


Printing Out the Readymade Card Designs

Below are three readymade card designs for an A5 size card.  It is best to cut a piece of paper to an A5 size first then do a trial run before printing out your card.  You will need to use the following print settings:

Click Printer Properties then change Paper Type to Glossy Brochure or similar.  Print Quality should be Best, Borderless is Off then click OK.

Then you will need to change Print on One Side to Print on Both Sides Flip on Short Edge.  Some printers will flip the card automatically but others you will need to flip it over manually.  The instructions should be given on the screen.

When you click on Print it may come up with a warning that there is a print setting conflict. Click Print Anyway then the card will print.

To double check your settings click the button below for a screenshot of the print settings.

Attaching the Pressed Flower

Once printed attach your pressed flower to the front by brushing the clear nail polish completely over the back then press it into position.  Brush more nail polish over the top of the flower being careful not to brush it over the card.  This will help to preserve the colour in the flower.

Attaching a pressed flower to a gift card.

Creating Different Sized Card Designs

To create different sized card designs, go to the Layout tab at the top then click in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup section. This will open the Page Setup box.  Click on the Paper tab then change the Paper Size to the required size.

You will then need to adjust the layout of the writing and the pictures so that the first page is blank, the second page is for the front of the card, the third page is blank then the fourth page is for the inside message.

To create a new document for printing out cards you will need to open the Page Setup box then click on the Margins tab. Under Pages: Multiple Pages select 2 Pages Per Sheet.  The Layout for cards is Landscape.

Here is a Screenshot of the Page Settings:

Try this A4 Card Design:

Creating Pictures for Gift Cards

You don’t have to be good at drawing to create a personalised card. If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer you should also have Microsoft 3D Paint.  Find it in the start menu.

You can make stems from the 2D Shapes section then choose the required colour or the easier way is to search the 3D Library. 

Put in the search term Stem, Leaves or Flowers.  Select the required picture then you can change its size, shape and orientation by clicking on one of the four circles around the picture.

Inserting Text

Text can be either inserted into the 3D Paint picture under the Text tab or it can be inserted in Microsoft Word.  It is best to insert the picture where you want it in your Word document then go to Shapes and click the text box.

You can then insert the text box wherever it needs to be and move it around if necessary.


Creating pressed flower cards on your computer is fun but it is always a good idea to print a trial run on plain paper first to save the more expensive card paper.  If you find it isn’t printing out correctly check the settings on the screen shots.

Do you need a new printer? Try this top rated printer from Amazon. (Paid link)

To Save or Print this guide to create pressed flower gift cards on your computer, click the button below for the PDF File.

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