DIY Bird Baths Made from Scrap Materials
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DIY Bird Baths Made from Scrap Materials

These easy DIY bird baths made from scrap materials can be put together within an hour and requires no skills.  Bird baths aren’t just great for attracting birds to your garden but bees will also appreciate having another water source especially if you are living in dry conditions.

Here are three examples of bird baths created from scrap materials.  I hope these will give you inspiration for creating your own with whatever materials you can find.

You can find these materials from farm auctions, second hand stores, garage sales or ask a builder if they have any leftover bricks or materials.  Sometimes large farms will have an old dump site where you can scavenge old bricks and troughs but remember to ask the owner’s permission.

Trough Bird Bath

This bath is simply made by sitting an old cement trough on its end and placing a heavy-duty metal tray on top.  I love the look of the stones poking through the cement on the trough.

DIY Bird bath using a cement trough and heavy duty tray.
DIY Bird bath using a cement trough and heavy duty tray.

We are currently experiencing drought conditions an found the bees made a bee line to the water once the sun was up so we placed two rocks in the water to give them more places to land.

The bees aren’t bothered by us being around them and I haven’t yet been stung – touch wood!  Having them around is a benefit to the garden however the birds don’t like to use the bath when the bees are there so I made another bath on the other side of the yard which the birds are enjoying using.

Brick Bird Bath

I found these lovely old bricks.  Some have a heart shape on the top so I saved those for the top of the base.

First place four bricks in a square then place four more on top alternating the pattern.  This will make the structure stronger.  It is important to check as you build the bricks upwards that each outside corner is square and level.

Old bricks will not be of regular size so there may be gaps between the bricks.  This won’t be a problem as long as the four outside corners line up.

For a more permanent, strong structure you can make a cement pad as a base for the bricks then use mortar to join them together.

Once you have reached a height you are happy with place a wide tray or dish on top of the brick base that will hold water.  Second hand stores and garage sales are great for finding something old and interesting to use as a bath.

Brick and Trough Bird Bath

The bricks are laid in the same shape as the trough alternating the bricks with each layer to create a stronger structure.

It is important to get the bottom layer level as the cement trough is quite heavy and won’t be easily adjusted.  Make sure the outside corners are straight and lined up before setting the cement trough on top.  You will need a few strong arms for this.

Levelling the bricks for the base of a bird bath.
DIY Brick Bird Bath with Cement Trough

Make your birdbath more of a focal point by placing this solar bird bath fountain in the middle of the bath. Find it on Amazon. (Paid link)

Safety When Making DIY Bird Baths from Scrap Materials

Always take care when lifting heavy items and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Bricks that are not mortared together can be knocked over if hit by a ride on mower so take care if using this method.


Clean your baths out regularly – your birds and bees will thank you!  An old stiff brush is great for cleaning out old cement troughs and baths.

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