DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations
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DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

These DIY pine cone Christmas tree decorations are easy to make at home with this step by step guide. Use materials commonly found around the home to create beautiful Christmas tree decorations which cost almost nothing to make.

Finding Pine Cones

Pine cones fall from pine trees in the fall or autumn, which is a perfect time for collecting the cones for Christmas crafts if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

If you live in the southern hemisphere you will still be able to find pine cones but they may be more brittle as they have had longer to dry out. Some pine trees may have already formed cones by early December but you will have to use pruners or a lopper to cut the cones from the lower branches of the tree.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Many of the materials listed below are optional as you can get creative with this project depending on what you have on hand.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Hairspray
  • Glitter – This set of 24 different colors with shaker holes is highly rated and great value on Amazon. (Paid link)
  • White Paint
  • 10-inch (25 cm) Ribbon
  • Drill and Small Drill Bit (Optional)


How to Make DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. Wash the Pine Cones

    Place the pine cones in a sink then fill with 1 to 2 inches of water. Agitate the cones to release any dirt then remove from the water and leave to dry.

    Washing the pine cones in water before decorating.

  2. Drill Hole for the Ribbon

    The hanging ribbon can be either tied tightly around the top of the cones or drill a hole through the top. It is best to drill the hole before decorating the cone. Use a small drill bit first to prevent splitting then use a larger drill bit big enough to get the ribbon through.

    Drilling a hole through the top of the pine cone for the hanging ribbon.

  3. Spray with Hairspray

    To make the pine cones darker; spray all over with hairspray then leave to dry on an old ceramic plate so they don’t stick to anything.
    While the hairspray is wet sprinkle glitter over the pine cones. The glitter will stick to the hairspray. Leave to dry then lightly spray with hairspray a second time to make sure the glitter sticks.

    Spraying the pine cones with hairspray to make them shinier.

  4. Paint on Snow

    To create a pine cone with snow use any leftover white paint you may have around the house. Paint the either the top edges or the bottom edges of the pine cones. It doesn’t have to look perfect to be effective. You could also paint the entire cone white then sprinkle glitter over the paint before it dries.

    Painting the pine cone white to look like snow.

  5. Attach the Hanging Ribbon

    Once you are through decorating and the paint has dried, thread the ribbon through the hole then tie the ends together. You may need to use a skewer to push it through.

    Threading the ribbon through the hole then secure the ends.

  6. Finish Decorating

    Tie a bow around the top of the cone if desired. Hang in your tree and enjoy!

    Finished DIY pine cone Christmas decorations with a bow tied to the top.


Are you thinking about buying a drill but don’t want to spend much money? This manual rotary drill from Fiskas is perfect for craft projects and basic jobs around the home. (Paid link)

Use a piece of scrap Christmas material cut into a 10-inch length to replace the ribbon. Simply tie the material around the top of the cone then make a loop for hanging for a shabby chic look.

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