Growing Kurrajong Trees from Seed
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Growing Kurrajong Trees from Seed

Growing Kurrajong trees from seed is easy and a great way to create a tree lined driveway or fence line from one tree.  Kurrajong trees are native to Australia, fast to grow and thrive in all climates.

Kurrajong trees will survive bush fires and harsh droughts as they store water in their trunk.  Australian Aborigines used the soft wood for making shields and roasted the seeds.  The seed pods can be used in craft projects.

Collecting Kurrajong Seeds

You don’t need to buy a tree and wait for it to grow.  Kurrajong’s are commonly grown in Australia and can be found in public parks, gardens and forests.  You will know a Kurrajong tree by the distinctive seed pods laying on the ground beneath the tree.

Kurrajong seed pods beneath a Kurrajong tree.
Kurrajong Seed Pods

Look for a pod on the ground which hasn’t fully opened and released its seeds.  Then use your thumbs to pry the pod open. 

The seed will be encased in a soft structure with fine hairs.  The hairs can stick into your fingers so you will need to take care or wear gloves.

The Kurrajong seed will be about the size of a pea seed.  Collect as many as you can find as not all seeds will germinate.

Collecting Kurrajong Seeds

Germinating Kurrajong Seeds

Growing Kurrajong Trees from Seed

  1. Prepare the Pots

    It is best to plant Kurrajong seeds during the warmer months.
    First fill seedling pots with potting mix.  You can put slow release native fertiliser into the mix but it isn’t necessary.

  2. Plant the Seeds

    Plant two seeds in each pot 5mm to 1cm deep then cover with soil.  Place the pots in a tray then water in well.  Make sure they are kept moist until the seed germinates.

  3. Germination Time for Kurrajong Seeds

    The Kurrajong seeds may germinate at different times.  Some of ours germinated a few weeks apart even though they were planted at the same time.  It can take 4 weeks to 2 months for Kurrajong seeds to germinate.
    If you are ready to give up on the seeds then tip the soil out and see if the seed has sprouted.  It can be put back in the soil again and will survive.
    If birds are a problem cover seedlings with netting.

    Germinating Kurrajong Seeds

  4. Potting Up

    Once the Kurrajong seedling has its second set of leaves it can be potted up to a larger pot.

    Kurrajong seedling with second set of leaves.

  5. Plant in its Final Position

    After the plant is about 15 to 20cm tall it can be planted out in its final position.  Dig a hole twice the size of the pot then put a handful of slow release native fertiliser into the hole and mix with the loose dirt.
    If you don’t have the native fertiliser, don’t worry.  Kurrajongs will grow well without it.

  6. Water and Mulch

    Plant the Kurrajong then gently backfill the soil around the plant and mulch.  Water in well then water regularly until the plant is established. 

  7. Watering During Dry Times

    The amount you water will depend on the amount of natural rainfall you are getting.  During hot dry periods you will need to give the Kurrajong a deep watering every 3 days.
    Once established Kurrajongs don’t need any extra water as they thrive in our climate.  They are the perfect ornamental tree for a dry climate garden.
    The tree below has six months growth.

    Kurrajong tree after six months.

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    1. You can find them under the tree any time of the year. We collected seeds through the summer and some germinated. There are seed pods still hanging in my trees at the moment and they are open so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the seeds now if you are living in Australia.

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