Growing Pansies in Pots
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Growing Pansies in Pots

Growing pansies in pots is the best way to display these beautiful annual winter flowers. Pansies will brighten up any garden with their colourful display. By planting in pots, you can find the best position for these must have flowers.


There are many different varieties and colours to choose from depending on the colour palette you want and the size of the flowers. Some giant pansies are 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter which make a stunning display.

Pansies can be purchased in punnets of mixed colours such as shades of berries, sunny yellows and whites or the deeper mauves. Planting the entire punnet together in a larger pot will create a better display than individual plants in smaller pots.

Growing Pansies in Pots and Hanging Baskets

Growing Pansies from Seed

Growing pansies from seed is cheaper especially if you want to plant them out in your garden bed and need a number of plants.  They can be difficult to germinate but not impossible. Plant seeds in late summer to early fall for winter flowers.

The seed is small so care will need to be taken when planting.  It is best to use seed raising mix in punnets.  Fill the punnet with the soil then water well.  Place the punnet in a saucer of water in a sunny warm position then sprinkle the seed over the top. Cover with a light sprinkling of soil then moisten the top with a mister.

Seedlings will emerge in 7 to 21 days depending on the temperature. They will be ready to plant out when they have at least four leaves.

It is best to plant out a month before the frosts begin to let the plants settle in and start growing. When choosing plants from a nursery it is best to pick plants that have not begun flowering yet as they will be less root bound and healthier in the long run.

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Pansies in Pots

Growing Pansies in Pots

  1. Choosing the Pot

    First choose a pot 10 to 12inches (25 to 30cm) in diameter for a punnet of pansies. Pansies will grow just as well in hanging pots as those on the ground as long as they get at least half a day of sun.

  2. Potting Mix

    Fill the pot with potting mix to an inch below the rim. Compost can be added to the potting mix with a blend of 20 to 50% compost to the potting soil. This will make your potting mix go further and help to retain moisture.

  3. Planting the Pansy Plants

    Water the punnet well then carefully divide the pansies. Plant one in the middle of the pot then equally space the others around the outside.  You don’t want any more than 6 pansies per 12-inch pot but you can have as few as 3.

  4. Water and Mulch

    Water the pot well then apply mulch to protect the roots from severe frost. Place a few snail and slug pellets around the plants especially in pots sitting on the ground.

  5. Fertilise

    Apply liquid fertiliser every four weeks and water regularly to get the best display of flowers. Don’t let the soil completely dry out.

  6. Protect Your Pansies

    Protect plants from snow and severe cold temperatures.  In warmer climates check flowers for aphids then use a natural aphid spray to control these pests.

  7. Removing Dead Flowers

    Remove dead flowers by pinching off near the base of the plant. Hold the stem below where you are pinching it off so that you don’t pull the plant out. This will promote new flowers.

    Pinch off dead pansy flowers to promote new flowers.

  8. Extending their Life

    Older pansies may get leggy growth.  Cut the plant back to about 2 inches high with your pruners. They will then sprout new growth and flowers, extending the life of the plant.

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As pansies have a shallow root system, they also make great companion plants with other flowers and will draw aphids away from your vegetables.

If you find they are not growing too well you may need to move the pot to a sunnier location.

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To Save or Print this guide to growing pansies in pots, click the button below for the PDF File.

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