Growing Petunias in Hanging Pots
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Growing Petunias in Hanging Pots

Growing petunias in hanging pots is a great way to brighten up a porch or veranda. Petunias are easy to grow during the warmer months and you can get creative with the large range of colors and varieties available.

Petunias are an annual flower which originated in South America. The Maya and Incan civilizations believed the scent of petunias could ward of bad spirits and monsters.

Making the Most of your Hanging Pots

To have flowers in your hanging pots all year round, consider planting pansies in the fall or autumn. They will flower during the cooler months and will tolerate frosts. See this guide to Growing Pansies in Pots for more information.

When the pansies begin to look leggy and sad in early to mid-spring, tip the plant and potting mix in the compost. The thick mass of roots makes retrieving any of the potting mix next to impossible.

This is a good time to plant your petunia seedlings as long as the last of the frosts is over. Petunia seedlings will usually flower within a few weeks from planting and will continue to bloom throughout the warmer months.

Petunias growing in a hanging pot.

Growing Petunias in Hanging Pots

When choosing petunia seedlings look for healthy plants with a good color. Any yellowing of the leaves will indicate the plant is stressed. It really doesn’t matter if the seedlings are already flowering or not as long as the plant looks healthy.

When do you plant petunias?

They won’t tolerate frost and so should be planted once the last of the frosts is over in the spring. Petunias thrive in areas which experience warm to hot weather and will grow quickly when watered and fertilized regularly.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Hanging Pot – This set of two hanging basket planters are self watering and look beautiful with their white cane design. They are highly rated on Amazon. (Paid link)
  • Potting Mix
  • Slow Release Fertilizer or Liquid Fertilizer
  • Petunia Seedlings


How to Grow Petunias in Hanging Pots

  1. Prepare the Pot

    Fill your hanging pot with either potting mix or well-aged compost to an inch from the top of the pot. If using slow release fertilizer, see the packet directions for the application rate then mix into the potting mix.

    Preparing the soil of the hanging pot with slow release fertilizer.

  2. Plant the Seedlings

    Water the petunia punnet well then make 3 to 6 holes equally spaced in the pot. The amount of plants will depend on the size of the hanging pot and the variety of petunia. Spreading petunias may only need one plant per pot. See the directions on the petunia label for spacing. Carefully prise apart the petunia seedlings then plant in the pot.

    Carefully pulling apart the petunia seedlings then planting in the pot.

  3. Hang then Water Well

    Hang in position then water well. Self-watering pots should be watered twice a week and every second day for normal pots. The soil should be kept moist for best results.

    Watering the petunia seedlings after hanging the pot.

  4. Fertilize

    For pots without slow release fertilizer; apply a half strength of liquid fertilizer after planting the seedlings then apply a full-strength liquid fertilizer every two weeks. See the instructions for application rates for pots.
    Some slow release fertilizers will last for 3 months while others will last 6 months. After this time has elapsed you can either apply more slow release fertiliser to the top of the soil or apply liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

  5. Pinch Out Dried Flowers

    Pinch out dried flowers to promote more flowers and growth.

    Carefully pinching out the dried petunia flowers.

This highly rated Osmocote slow release fertilizer for potted plants will feed up to six months and comes in a value 1 pound pack. (Paid link)


Consider planting one petunia in the middle of the pot then plant alyssum around the outside.

Alternate different colors or types in one pot such as a white and red or single and double bloomed petunia.

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To get more out of your home, see this Homesteading guide for more information.

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