Guide to Growing Sweet Peas
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Guide to Growing Sweet Peas

This easy step by step guide to growing sweet peas in the home garden is a great place to start to get the most out of these beautiful flowers. Sweet peas give an abundance of color to the spring garden with a wonderful sweet aroma.

The sweet pea is an annual climbing plant which is usually planted in the late summer to fall (autumn) with blooms appearing in the early spring. In cold areas it is best to plant the seeds in the spring.

The vines will need support and will grow from 3 feet to 6 feet 7 inches (1 to 2 meters) tall depending on the variety.

Sweet peas grow easily from seed direct in their final position. They usually come in a mixed variety of colors from white through to blues, pink and deep red.

Best Location for Sweet Peas

Choose a location which is in full sun with free draining soil rich in organic matter for the best results. Avoid windy positions in the garden.

Sweet peas are perfect for growing beside a fence or trellis otherwise a support can be created by threading twine, rope or string between 2 posts.

These flowers have a wonderful scent. Consider a position near a walkway so their aroma can be enjoyed as you walk past.

Growing Sweet Peas from Seed

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Sweet Pea Seeds – This pack of 400 Sweet Pea Seeds is highly rated and great value. (Paid Link)
  • Shovel and Trowel
  • Compost or Aged Manure
  • Mulch
  • Twine – This Natural Jute Twine is biodegradable and eco friendly, perfect for the garden. (Paid link)
  • Liquid Fertilizer


Guide to growing sweet peas from seed in the home garden.

  1. Prepare the Soil

    First prepare the soil by adding compost or aged manure then dig in well. Make a wide trench with the trowel. Water the bed well the day before planting then don’t water again until the seedlings have emerged.

    Preparing the soil for planting the sweet peas with a wide trench.

  2. Create a Support

    If you need to create a support for the vines then put in 2 posts then tie string or twine between the posts.

  3. Plant the Seed

    Plant the seed ½ inch (12mm) deep and 8 inches (20cm) apart along the trench. Seedlings will emerge in 10 to 14 days.

    Planting the sweet pea seeds along the trench.

  4. Fertilize

    After the seedlings emerge water well. Fertilize with liquid fertilizer 2 weeks after the seedlings have emerged then every 2 weeks for the best results.

  5. Plant Care

    Mulch well around the seedlings to keep down the weeds. Water regularly especially during warm weather. Train the young plants to the support. You may need to tie twine or string around the outside of the plants to give them extra support.

    Twine is tied around the outside of the vines for support.

  6. Collect the Seeds

    Seed pods will form after the first flush of flowers. Sweet pea seeds can be harmful if eaten however the seeds can be dried on the vine then kept for the next season.

    Seed pods form after the first flowers begin to die off.


Sweet peas will flower over many months especially if you cut the spent flowers.

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