Guide to Pruning Boysenberry Vines
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Guide to Pruning Boysenberry Vines

This guide to pruning boysenberry vines gives step by step instructions with pictures. Pruning boysenberries is an easy task during the winter months to remove old vines and ensure new vines are tied up ready for the coming season.

Boysenberries are a hardy plant which will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Their delicate berries don’t last long making them perfect for the home garden where they can be enjoyed fresh.

See this guide to Growing Boysenberries for more information on planting and plant care.

Pruning Boysenberries

Like raspberries, boysenberries will produce fruit on the previous years vines. It is important to remove the old vines then tie up the new vines for the spring.

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When is the best time to prune boysenberry vines?

The best time to prune boysenberry vines is in the mid to late winter once most of the leaves have fallen. In warmer climates some of the leaves will remain on the vines.

Can you put boysenberry vines in the compost?

Yes you can however it is a good idea to cut the vines into smaller pieces to help them break down.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Pruners – Ratchet Pruners are the perfect option for people who suffer from arthritis. (Paid link)
  • Wheelbarrow or Bucket
  • Leather Gloves
  • Twine or String (Optional) – This highly rated Garden Twist Tie with Cutter has many uses in the home and garden. (Paid link)


Guide to pruning boysenberry vines in the home garden.

  1. Cut Old Vines at the Base

    First look for older vines at the base of the plant. They will be thicker and more gray in color. Cut at the base of the plant with the pruners.

    Cutting an old boysenberry vine at the base with pruners.

  2. Remove from the Support

    Follow the vine up the support removing it as you go. If it is wound through the support you may need to make several cuts to easily remove it.

    Removing old boysenberry vines from their support.

  3. Check Your Work

    Continue removing each old vine being careful not to cut the new vines. Stand back then check your work.

  4. Tie Up the New Vines

    Once you are happy you have removed all the older vines tie up the new vines by either tying the vine to the support with twine or threading the vine through the support.

    Tying the new boysenberry vines to the support with twine.


Tying the vine to the face of the support makes pruning easier however it does use more twine.

During the warmer months cuttings can be taken of the vines to create more plants. See this guide to Taking Boysenberry Cuttings for more information.

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