Guide to Saving Parsley Seeds
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Guide to Saving Parsley Seeds

This easy guide to saving parsley seeds includes step by step instructions with pictures. Saving parsley seeds will ensure you will never need to buy this plant again.

Parsley is a biennial plant which will last for up to two years in temperate climates. Seeds are usually saved after flowering in the second year. For more growing information see this guide to Germinating and Growing Parsley.

Saving Parsley Seeds

When planted in a garden bed it is best to let the plant flower then drop its seeds as it will self seed the following spring. However for potted plants it is best to collect the seeds to replant the next season.

How do you store parsley seeds?

Store parsley seeds in an airtight container labeled with the contents and the date collected. Place in a cool area of the house with low humidity and away from direct sunlight.

How long will parsley seeds be good for?

Parsley seeds will be good for at least 2 years with the germination rate going down after that time.
Collected parsley seeds which will store for at least two years.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Plate or Container
  • Airtight Jar or Bag – These 2 ounce airtight Glass Jars come in a value 24 pack and will look beautiful on your shelf. (Paid link)
  • Label – These Erasable Chalkboard Labels are removable and will save money in the long run on purchasing labels for your seeds. (Paid Link)


Guide to saving parsley seeds from the home garden.

  1. Parsley Flowers

    Let the plant flower. You will find thicker stems will emerge which will produce flower heads.
    Parsley plant flower head in bloom.

  2. Drying Flower Heads

    Let the flower head dry on the plant. You will see the seeds drying on the ends of the flower stems.
    Parsley flower head dried on the plant with the seeds hanging off the ends of the stems.

  3. Dislodge the Seeds

    Cut the flower heads then rub the ends over a plate or container to dislodge the seeds. If the seeds are still a little green then leave in a single layer on the plate in an area with good air circulation to finish drying.
    Dislodging the parsley seed by rubbing between the thumb and finger.

  4. Label and Store

    Place the seeds in an airtight container or bag labeled with the date the seeds were collected. Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. The seeds will be viable for two years with the germination rate decreasing after that time.
    Parsley seeds stored in an airtight bag with a label.


If you are worried about the seeds falling before they completely dry then cut the flower heads and place them upside down in a large container or bucket to finish drying. Any fallen seeds will be easy to collect from the bottom of the container.

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