Homemade Bird Scaring Device
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Homemade Bird Scaring Device

This easy DIY project for a homemade bird scaring device can be made from commonly found materials.  You don’t need a stake for this device just tie it to an existing fencepost with tie wire.

Below is the full method with a quick video at the end.

Make a few of these at once then place wherever birds are a problem such as around the vegetable garden, berries or fruit trees.  It would be wise to still use bird netting around fruit trees as some birds are too smart for any deterrent you can make.

They will need to be at least 1m (1 yard) off the ground to catch the wind.  As these bird distractors are not attached to a stake they can be easily moved around then put away once the season is over.

Tools and Materials Needed

Drill and Drill Bits (Paid link)


Nail with Large Head (Such as a clout)

Aluminium Can

Knife and Scissors

Spacer (paid link) ½ inch to an inch wide. (If you don’t have a spacer make one from a cork or a piece of dowel with a hole drilled through the middle.)

Scrap Piece of Wood approximately 2 inches by 2 inches (5cm by 5 cm) and at least a ½ inch thick (1.5 cm)

Tie Wire and Pliers


Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Make a Homemade Bird Scarring Device

  1. Cut Off the Top of the Can

    First make a hole near the top of the aluminium can with the knife big enough to get the scissors through then use the scissors to cut around the top of the can.  Cut off any jagged edges.

  2. Make the Blades

    Cut down the length of the can almost to the bottom.  Continue cutting down the length at 1inch (2.5cm) intervals.  It doesn’t matter if the blades are not exactly equal widths.

  3. Adjust the Blades

    Next pull the blades back then turn them at an angle so they will catch the wind. Your can should now resemble a windmill.

  4. Drill a Hole in the Can

    Use a drill bit slightly larger in diameter to the diameter of the nail then drill a hole through the middle of the base of the can.  This is easier to do from the back of the can as the base curves inwards.

  5. Prepare the Scrap Wood

    Drill 2 holes side by side in the scrap piece of wood.  The hole diameter needs to be larger than the thickness of your tie wire.  Thread a length of tie wire through the holes so there is enough length out the back of the wood to tie it onto your post.  Make sure the wire is flat on the windmill side.

  6. Predrill a Hole for the Nail

    Next drill a hole part way through the wood with a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter to the nail.  This will stop the wood from splitting in two when the nail is hammered in.

  7. Attach the Can to the Wood

    Place the nail through the hole in the base of the can then through the spacer.  Position the nail in the predrilled hole then hammer in.  Do not hammer in all the way as the can won’t spin.  It will just need to be far enough so everything is secure but there is a fraction of space for the blades to turn.
    All done! Find a post then tie it on securely with the wire and pliers.

    Bird scaring device attached to fence post


Depending on the position of your garden you may need to trial different positions and heights to effectively catch the wind.

Paint or oil the scrap wood before assembling to extend its life.

Do you need a new drill? Try this top rated drill from Amazon. (Paid link)

To Print or Save this guide to making a homemade bird scaring device, click the button below for the PDF Version.

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