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Craft Ideas

All the craft ideas and projects on this website are free for home use.  Sometimes it is hard to find that inspiration to try something new.  I hope these projects will inspire you to create something that brightens up your home.

Arts and crafts are a great way to ease tension and focus your mind improving your mental health.  You don’t have to be talented; the joy is in the creating.  If you get frustrated just remember the more you practice the more your skills will improve.

Below are ideas on saving money, sewing craft ideas including soft furnishings and Christmas crafts.

Table of Contents
Saving Money When Crafting
Sewing Ideas
Christmas Crafts

Saving Money When Crafting

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get creative with these craft ideas.  Some of these projects use scrap materials or things readily available in your home.  Look for bargain bins at your local sewing store or use material from clothing that can no longer be worn.

If you can it is worthwhile to purchase a basic sewing kit including pins, needles and a sharp pair of scissors.  A pin cushion is easy to make by cutting out a square of fabric about 20cm (8 inches) square, place wadding in the centre then pull all the edges together around the wadding and sew together.

Glue the cushion to the top or under the lid of a box that you keep all your craft supplies in.  Paint the box attractively if you like.  This will save buying a premade sewing box and it’s more personal.

Investing in a sewing machine can make your life easier.  Base model sewing machines have come down in price.  You don’t need all the bells and whistles just a machine that does the basics will do.

When purchasing thread some cheaper threads are fine to use but others may break easily when using with a sewing machine.  Buying a well-known brand may save money in the long run otherwise it is trial and error when finding a quality cheaper brand.

Don’t throw out jars, egg cartons or boxes.  Think about how you can creatively repurpose them.  Jars can be painted attractively and are great for storing food you have bought in bulk.  Egg cartons have many uses from mixing paints to germinating seeds.

Reusing Egg Cartons in the Garden
Reusing Egg Cartons in the Garden

Sewing Ideas

There are so many things you can make with a piece of fabric, a needle and some thread.  From heat packs to Christmas Decorations the list is endless.

Soft Furnishings

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains are the easiest window coverings you can make and it opens up so many more choices in fabrics.  For simple pleat curtains all you need to do is measure the width of your window then the drop you need which is from the top of the architrave to the top of the kickboard (if you are going for full length curtains).

You will need 2 ½ times the width of the window in fabric for the pleats.  To sew the curtains; you simply hem the curtain fabric then sew on the pleat strip along the top.  Pull the three strings to make the pleats, tie off then put in the curtain rings and you’re done.

Roman blinds are more time consuming but they can be made successfully at home.  They work best with stiff fabric and you will need to buy dowel rods, a piece of timber for the top with brackets, small rings, cord and a cord cleat.

Throw cushions

Patchwork Pillowcase with Free Pattern

These are easy to make; you don’t even need a zipper as a fold over design on the back will do.  They add colour to any room. 

For a basic cushion cut out a square the size of the insert cushion then cut out two more pieces the same width but shorter so that they overlap on the back covering the insert pillow.  Sew a hem along one side of each of the smaller pieces then place the right sides together so the two smaller pieces are overlapping on the back with the hems in the middle.  Sew right around the outside, turn out the right way then press.

Try this free guide and pattern for making a Patchwork Throw Cushion.

Chairs and Sofas

They can be covered with upholstery fabric, tacks and a staple gun.  You can use just tacks if you don’t have a staple gun but you will need quite a few depending on the size of your sofa or chair.

Add foam to improve the feel of an old chair then pull the fabric tight before stapling in a spot that can’t be seen such as underneath the chair.  You will need to work your way around checking each side as you go to make sure there are no extra folds and that the fabric stretches around to each side.

Other Home Sewing Ideas

Door stops

It’s best to use darker fabrics that don’t show dirt.  Cut out a long rectangular length of fabric 5cm (2 inches) longer than the width of your door.  The thickness of the doorstop will depend on the gap underneath the door.  For a large doorstop make the width 20cm (8 inches).

Fold the fabric in half lengthways with the right sides together then sew down the length and across one end.  Turn inside out then fill with sawdust or a mix of sand and wadding.  Fold the end inwards then sew closed.

Rice Heat Pack

Make a pouch with two pieces of fabric, fill with brown rice then sew closed.  Remember to place a glass of water in the microwave when heating and don’t overheat. The full free guide and pattern is here.

How to make a rice heat pack
Home Craft Ideas – Rice Heat Pack

Table Runner

Patchwork table runners are very popular.  Get creative with different designs to brighten up your table.


Use a patchwork design or find a beautiful upholstery fabric.  Simply cut out two pieces of fabric in the desired shape, place the right sides together, sew around the edge leaving a gap.  Turn inside out then sew the gap closed and press.


It is easiest just to find beautiful thick fabric and make the same way as the placemats however, I have made patchwork coasters before.  They are quite fiddly as the pieces are small but they looked beautiful when finished.

For more home craft ideas try this category with projects for Accessories and Home Décor or Flower and Garden Crafts.

Christmas Craft Ideas

If you love crafts then Christmas is a great time to really get creative.  The modern plastic decorations in the shop usually look tacky so having home made decorations will make your home stand out and create a talking point.

Patchwork Christmas Stars

These give an heirloom feel to your Christmas tree and look so beautiful.  You can make 4, 5 or 6 pointed stars.  They are fairly easy to put together and make great presents. I have a free pattern and guide for making these Patchwork Stars.

Patchwork Christmas Star Free Pattern
Christmas Craft Ideas – 6 Point Star

Christmas Tree Bird

These are made out of fabric and wadding with beads for the eyes and a ribbon hanger.  Sew curved lines in the tail to create a feathered look. Try this free pattern.


Crochet or knit three different sized balls then fill with wadding. Another method is to use three different sized foam balls found at craft shops.  Glue together in the shape of a snowman then decorate with acrylic paints and glitter glue.


Find pinecones under your nearest pine tree then decorate by brushing the edges with white paint to represent snow.  Go over lightly with white spray paint for a more realistic look. These look really pretty on the dining table.  Tie a few together with red ribbon for a centrepiece.

Christmas Stockings

You don’t have to be a knitter.  There are so many different Christmas fabrics to choose from that will make beautiful stockings.  You could even sew squares of different fabrics together to give a patchwork feel. 

Once you have patchworked a piece large enough, fold the fabric in half so the right sides are together then draw and cut out your pattern.  Sew the right sides together leaving open the top of the stocking.  Turn it inside out then sew the hem at the top with a ribbon loop for hanging.


Cut a long piece of green grapevine.  Curve into a circle then continue winding it around the circle until you have a tight wreath.  As it dries it will become a little looser but it will retain its shape.  You can then add dried flowers or other greenery and berries.

Try making holy leaf shapes in green fabric, sew two with right sides together leaving a gap then turn inside out.  Sew the gap closed then press.  You will need to make a lot of these to cover the wreath.  Sew them on the wreath with strong thread. 

Next make berries by cutting circles out of red fabric.  Place a small amount of wadding in the middle of each circle then pull the edges together and sew.  Sew 3 berries together at different spots on the wreath.  Complete the wreath with a big red bow.

Try this category Christmas Decorations for more projects.


I hope these craft ideas have inspired you to create something new.  Creating your own patterns needn’t be scary.  Start with something basic like placemats and coasters.  It’s best to try one at a time before cutting out all the pieces for several in case it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

And remember, we are our own worst critic!

You will find all of my free patterns under the category Craft Projects. To print or save this page click the button below for the PDF File.

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