How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters
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How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

This easy guide shows how to clean air conditioner filters which will increase the performance of your air conditioner and save money on electricity. 

It is important to check your filters regularly especially if you live in a dusty or dry climate.  Always make sure the power is turned off before opening the air conditioner cover.


Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

  1. Open

    Open the front cover of the air conditioner.  There is usually a slot or tab on the side that you can pull towards you.

    Opening Air Conditioner Cover

  2. Remove Filters

    There will be two curved mesh filters under the cover.  They are set in behind a plastic tab.  Push up and over the tab then gently pull downwards.  They should slide out.

    Lifting filter over the tab.

  3. Wash and Dry

    In a large sink or outside under a tap, run water over the filter while dabbing gently with a sponge on each side.  The mesh can be easy to damage so you will need to take care.  Leave to air dry.

    Washing an air conditioner filter.

  4. Insert Clean Filters into the Air Conditioner

    Slide the filter back into the air conditioner over the guides on either side then set the bottom back behind the tab.  Insert the second filter then firmly shut the front cover making sure it clicks into place.

    Replacing an airconditioner filter.

This will only take ten minutes out of your day and your air-con and back pocket will thank you!

Sliding an air conditioner filter out.


If your air conditioner is in a kitchen and the filters feel greasy you may need to use dish washing detergent mixed in warm water.  Gently dab it onto the filter with a sponge then wash off with clean warm water.

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