How to Collect Radish Seeds
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How to Collect Radish Seeds

This easy step by step guide with pictures shows how to collect radish seeds from your home garden. Collecting seeds is a great way to complete the growing cycle and save money.

Radishes are one of the fastest growing crops you can plant in your garden taking only 3 to 4 weeks from sowing to maturity. These root crops take only a little space and make great companion plants. Radishes are easy to germinate from seed and can be sown direct in the ground. For more information see this guide to Growing Radishes.

Collecting Radish Seeds

It will depend on the variety of radish as to when you collect the seed. Some grow during the warmer months while other varieties prefer the cooler weather. When sowing plan on leaving the fastest growing radish to flower.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Container
  • Bowl
  • Airtight Container or Bag – This set of 24 Spice Jars with airtight lids and a collapsible funnel are perfect for storing seeds. (Paid link)
  • Label


How to collect radish seeds from plants in the home garden.

  1. Choose the Radish then Let Flower

    Let the radish flower then continue to water regularly and fertilize every two weeks with liquid fertilizer.

    Radish plant in flower.

  2. Pick the Drying Seed Pods

    After flowering the seed pods will form along the flower stems. As the seed pods dry out pick off the dried pods then place in an open container.

    Picking the radish seed pods as they dry.

  3. Leave to Dry

    Once all the pods have been picked leave in the open container in an area with good air circulation for a week or two to finish drying.

    The radish seed pods left to dry in an open container.

  4. Dislodge the Seeds

    Holding each pod above a bowl, crack the pod open between your fingers then dislodge the seeds. There will be anywhere between 1 to 6 seeds in a pod.

    Dislodging the radish seeds from their pods.

  5. Discard the Pods

    Place the seeds in the bowl then discard the pods. They can be added to your compost.

    Radish seeds in a bowl ready to be stored.

  6. Store the Radish Seeds

    Place the radish seeds in an airtight container or bag then label with the contents and the date collected. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

    Storing the radish seeds in an airtight bag with a label.

How long can you store radish seeds?

Radish seeds will be viable for up to 2 years with the germination rate going down after that time.


Radishes are a great crop to plant for children as they can see the results quickly. Collecting the radish seeds is a great way to teach them about the growing cycle of plants.

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