How to Dry Mushrooms
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How to Dry Mushrooms

This step by step guide shows how to dry mushrooms in the oven to extend the life of this must have ingredient in Italian, French and Asian cooking. Mushrooms don’t store well for long periods of time so dehydrating is a great way to preserve mushrooms for future use.

When you see your mushrooms are starting to look a little shrivelled and you are not ready to use them then this is a great time to consider drying the mushrooms in the oven. It only takes 2 hours on low heat with little preparation time.

Equipment Needed


Time needed: 2 hours and 10 minutes.

How to Dry Mushrooms in the Oven

  1. Clean and Slice

    First clean the mushrooms by gently rubbing with a clean dish towel. Cleaning with water before drying may cause other types of harmful mould to grow on the mushrooms. Slice into ⅛ inch (3mm) to ¼ inch (5mm) slices including the stem.

    Slicing the mushrooms.

  2. Arrange on a Tray

    Place a piece of parchment paper on the baking tray for ease of cleaning then place the oven safe rack on top. Place the mushrooms on top of the rack without overlapping the slices.
    If you don’t have a rack you can place the slices directly on the parchment paper but they will need to be turned over halfway through the drying time.

    Mushrooms arranged on a baking tray ready for the oven.

  3. Dry then Cool the Mushrooms

    Place in a preheated oven at 212ºF (100ºC) for 2 hours. The slices should be thin and leathery. Take out of the oven then leave to cool for 2 hours or overnight on the rack.

    The mushrooms are dried and are cooling on the rack.

  4. Label then Store

    Store the dried mushrooms in a recycled glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or a zip lock bag. Label with the contents and today’s date then store in a cool dark place with low humidity.

    The dried mushrooms are stored in an airtight jar.

If you don’t have any jars to store your dried produce, try these top rated set of 6 mason jars with an airtight hinged lid and reusable chalk labels. (Paid link)

Storing and Rehydrating Mushrooms

How long can I store dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms can be safely stored for six to nine months when stored in an airtight container in a cool place away from direct sunlight such as a low shelf in your pantry.

How do you rehydrate dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms can be easily rehydrated in 30 minutes. Simply place in a bowl then cover with hot water. Cover the bowl with a lid then let steep for 30 minutes while you prepare the rest of the meal. Remove the mushrooms then reserve the liquid which can be frozen for future use in soups, stews or risottos.

Freezing Mushrooms

You can also freeze mushrooms.  Clean and slice each one then place in a single layer on a paper towel. Lay another paper towel on top then place in a freezer safe container or bag. Freeze until needed.

The frozen mushrooms will need to be rehydrated. Place the frozen mushrooms in a bowl then cover with hot water. Place a lid on top of the bowl then leave for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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2 thoughts on “How to Dry Mushrooms”

  1. a few of my mushrooms are still a little moist. what do I do with them? maybe I sliced those a little too thick.

    1. You can either leave them on a rack to air dry in a spot which has good air circulation such as near an outside door for a few days or place them back in the oven preheated to 212ºF (100ºC). Check every 10 to 15 minutes until they feel dry.

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