How to Dry Sage
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How to Dry Sage

Have you ever wondered how to dry sage? It is such a versatile and hardy plant which makes it a must for any kitchen garden.

The leaves are easy to dry for year-round enjoyment. All you need is kitchen string and a storage container.

Sage is a perennial small shrub with blue, lilac or white flowers on shooting stems. The leaves have a strong slightly lemon scent and grow several inches long. This plant comes from the Mediterranean region and is frost resistant once established. See this guide to Growing Sage for more information.

How to Grow Sage

Drying Sage

There are two methods for airdrying sage. The first is hanging in bunches and the second is drying on racks. Both achieve the same result but they will dry on racks quicker.

Tools Needed

  • Kitchen String or Twine
  • Drying Racks
  • Airtight Container


How to Dry Sage

  1. Wash the Sage Leaves

    First wash the leaves in a basin to save water and leave to drain.

    Washing Sage leaves.

  2. Hang Drying

    For hand drying; bunch several stems together, thread kitchen string through the stems then tie in a knot, leaving extra string to make a loop.

    Tying bunches of sage leaves together for drying.

  3. Drying Location

    Hang the sage in a shady place to dry with good air circulation.

    Bunch of sage tied for hanging.

  4. Drying Racks

    For drying racks; take the leaves off the stems after they are washed then place the leaves on racks to dry.

    Drying Sage on racks.

  5. Store

    Store in an airtight container once dry, label with today’s date then use within a year for maximum flavour.

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