How to get rid of grasshoppers naturally
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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers Naturally

Do you have a grasshopper problem and want to know how to get rid of grasshoppers naturally?  There is one easy method that works well and uses pantry basics to make an effective grasshopper trap.

Equipment and Ingredients Needed

  • Wide container such as a used and cleaned butter or margarine container, glass jar or waterproof dish.
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Molasses or Treacle – Save money by buying molasses in bulk. (Paid link)


Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Make a Grasshopper Trap

  1. Combine the Molasses and Water

    First mix together the molasses and water.  The molasses should be 15% of the total liquid.  For example, fill a measuring cup up to the 75 ml mark with molasses then pour water over the top up to the 500 ml mark.

  2. Prepare the Trap

    Pour into the wide container then stir together.  Pour vegetable oil over the top so you have a layer of oil completely covering the molasses mix.  This will prevent bees from being drawn into the trap.

    Natural Grasshopper Trap with Molasses, water and oil.

  3. Set Out

    Place around the plants you want to protect.  In a few days you should see grasshoppers drowned in the liquid.
    If you have grasshoppers in great numbers then place as many of these traps around as you can and try some of the other natural methods below.

    Grasshopper Trap set amongst raspberry canes

Grasshoppers drowned in trap.

Other Natural Ways to Get Rid of Grasshoppers

Chickens love grasshoppers but if you don’t want them in your vegie patch you can let them run around the perimeter so they can eat any grasshoppers on their way in.

Large birds also enjoy eating grasshoppers so it is important to encourage birds to your garden by providing water baths, native shrubs and trees.

Make a garlic chilli spray as a deterrent.  Grind together 5 cloves of garlic and 2 red chillies then add to 2 cups of water.  Let sit for 24 hours then drain and put in a spray bottle.  You may need to spray a few times a week especially if it rains.

Do you have energetic children around?  Why not make a game out of catching the grasshoppers – just make sure you have a sealed container to put them in!

Don’t feel like making a trap? Try this natural insect killing soap from Amazon. (Paid link)

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