How to Harvest and Save Silverbeet Seeds
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How to Harvest and Save Silverbeet Seeds

This easy guide shows how to harvest and save silverbeet seeds from your plants. Silverbeet is easy to grow from seed and gives you continuous picking throughout the year. It can be added to any dish requiring spinach and is a great source of fibre.

Leaves can be harvested for eating at any length. The smaller leaves will be more tender so there is no need to wait until they are large. Cut the largest leaves first from the outside of the plant. It is easiest to use scissors to cut the leaves an inch from the base.

If you find you have too many leaves to eat don’t worry as silverbeet freezes well. See this guide on freezing silverbeet.

Give plants a deep watering once a week in the cooler months and twice a week in the warmer months. They will benefit from an additional daily water during the hottest days of summer. Fertilise every two weeks with liquid fertiliser for best results.

Harvesting Silverbeet Seeds

How to Harvest and Save Silverbeet Seeds

  1. Centre Shoot Appears

    In spring the plants will start to send up a centre shoot then the leaves will become more bitter and tough. At this stage stop picking the leaves but keep watering and applying liquid fertilizer as normal.

  2. Collect the Silverbeet Seeds

    You will then see green flower spikes. The hard seeds will form then dry along the spikes. When they turn brown hold a container under the spike then run your thumb and forefinger along the spike to dislodge the seeds.

    How to harvest silverbeet seeds

  3. Leave Seeds to Air Dry

    Leave the seeds in an open container to completely dry. Place in an area that has good ventilation and low humidity.

    Leaving the silverbeet seeds to air dry.

  4. Store and Label

    Silverbeet seeds should be stored in an airtight container, jar or plastic bag. If you are using a plastic bag, make sure any excess air has been pushed out before sealing. Label with the date harvested then store in a cool dark area.

How long can you store Silverbeet seeds?

Silverbeet seeds, if stored well, should last for 2 to 3 years. As you get past the two-year mark you may find that not as many seeds will germinate.

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To save or print this guide on how to harvest and save silverbeet seeds, here is the PDF Version.

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