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How to Heat Up Leftovers

Have you ever wondered how to heat up leftovers without using any power?

I usually try to cook enough food for two nights, make up individual plates for the next night then heat it up on a grate placed on top of our wood fire. This saves energy as you use the stove half the amount of time.


Warning! You must use stoneware plates – not porcelain or the plate will crack. Also, do not place any plate directly on the heater, it’s safer to set it on a grate especially if the plate is cold. It is always best to use older plates for this in case they crack.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Heat Up Leftovers Without Using Any Power

  1. Find a Grate and Angle Iron

    You will need to find something you can use as a metal grate with holes in it to let the heat through. It needs to be raised an inch (2 to 3cm) above the fire. Rest the grate on a small piece of angle iron to keep it raised.

    Grate elevated over a wood heater.

  2. Prepare the Plate

    Sprinkle a little water around the edge of the food. This will help to stop the food from sticking to the plate as it heats and will help it steam. Cover with foil ensuring the foil is tight around the edge of the plate.

  3. Turn Halfway Through Heating

    How long you leave the plate on the fire depends on how hot your fire is. I usually leave the plate on for 30 minutes, turn the plate around as it is hotter towards the flue then heat for another 30 minutes. You can usually hear it simmering or spitting when it’s hot.

Reheating Rice

I think the food tastes better this way then heating it up in the microwave and it saves power too. However, rice doesn’t heat as well as it tends to go hard so its best to use this method for rice and stir-fry dishes; The Quickest Way to Reheat Food.

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To print or save this guide on how to heat up leftovers, here is the  PDF version.

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