How to Make Lavender Satchels
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How to Make Lavender Satchels

This step by step guide shows how to make lavender satchels with pictures. These are a perfect way to present your homemade potpourri. There are two methods including a bag satchel and a hanging heart satchel for your bedroom door.

Potpourri is simple to make at home from the flowers in your garden. Lavender potpourri has a wonderful aroma even without the addition of oils. See this guide to making Lavender Potpourri.

Creating Lavender Satchels

Lavender bags are the easiest satchel to make for a novice sewer and they can be easily adjusted to the required size. Hanging satchels require a little more time as you will need to get the ribbon lined up right and use a funnel to insert the potpourri but you can get creative with different shapes.

Homemade heart lavender potpourri satchel hanging on a bedroom door.
Hanging potpourri satchels give a wonderful aroma as you walk through the door.

Choosing Fabric

Tulle or mesh fabric is great for potpourri satchels as they let the scent through and you can see the potpourri inside. You can now find tulle fabrics with pretty floral or glitter designs which will brighten up any room.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Fabric 12 x 24 inch (30 x 60cm) for the bag satchel
  • Fabric 16 x 16 inch (40 x 40cm) for the heart satchel
  • Matching Thread (Use white thread if you don’t have the same color)
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors – Bent Scissors make cutting fabric easier. (Paid link)
  • Funnel
  • Lavender Potpourri (½ cup for each satchel)
  • Ribbon 12 inches (30cm) long for the bag satchel
  • Ribbon 12 inches (30cm) long for the heart satchel
  • Sewing Machine – This top rated Brother Sewing and Quilting machine is a great option if you love to sew. It has an applique stitch and free sewing arm with a wide table. (Paid link)
  • Free Heart Template – Download the PDF File below then print out.


These instructions are for making both a bag satchel and a hanging heart lavender satchel.

How to Make Lavender Satchels for Potpourri

  1. Draw the Bag Satchel then Cut Out

    Press your fabric using a cool setting on your iron with such as the satin or synthetic setting and use steam. Next use a ruler and pencil to draw out a rectangle 5 inches (12.5cm) wide by 12 inches (30cm) long.
    Cut out the rectangle then set aside.

    Cutting out the rectangle for the bag lavender potpourri satchel.

  2. Trace Around the Heart Template then Cut Out

    Next print out then cut out the heart template. Place on the fabric then draw around. Flip the heart template over then draw around again. Cut out the two hearts then set aside.

    Tracing around the heart template onto the material.

  3. Seal the Edges of the Bag Satchel Fabric

    Use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine to sew right around the edge of the material. This will stop it from fraying. Otherwise you can use a clear nail polish to brush around the edges then let dry completely before continuing on to the next step.

    Sealing the edge of the fabric with a zig zag stitch.

  4. Fold Over the Ends and Sew

    Fold one short end over ½ an inch (1cm) then pin and sew a straight stitch just above the zig zag stitching so you have a wide seam at the top. Fold the other end over by ½ an inch (1cm) so the folds are on the same side of the fabric. Pin then sew just above the zig zag stitching.

    Short end is folded over then sewn on the machine.

  5. Sew the Sides of the Bag

    Next fold the fabric in half with the end seams lined up together and the folds on the outside. Pin along each side then sew with a ¼ inch (5mm) seam from the top of the bag down the side to the end. Sew from the top of the bag down the other side. This will make sure the top edges are lined up correctly.

    Each side of the bag is sewn.

  6. Press the Seams

    Turn inside out then press the seams with a cool iron.

    Lavender bag side and end seams are pressed with a cool iron.

  7. Fill with potpourri then Sew Closed

    Fill with ½ cup of lavender potpourri then gather the bag together just above the top of the potpourri. Using a needle and thread sew through the gathers a few times then tie off. This will prevent the potpourri from escaping if the ribbon comes loose.

    The lavender satchel is filled with potpourri then sewn closed.

  8. Tie the Ribbon

    Tie the ribbon around the gathered stitching then make a bow.

    Ribbon is tied onto the bag.

  9. Pin Together the Two Hearts

    For the heart satchel; line up the two hearts wrong sides together then pin around the edge. Trim if they are slightly out of alignment.

  10. Sew in the Ribbon

    Fold the ribbon in half then insert the ends between the two hearts at the inside point. Use a needle and thread to hand sew the ends in place while keeping the ribbon straight. This will help to keep the ribbon in place as you sew around the heart.

    Heart satchel pinned together and the ribbon hand sewn into place.

  11. Applique the Edge of the Heart Lavender Satchel

    Next use an applique stitch on your sewing machine and a satin stitch foot. Sew around the outside of the heart leaving a 1-inch (2.5cm) gap on one side. Make sure the ribbon is kept straight as you sew around the top.

    Applique stitched around the outside of the heart leaving a gap.

  12. Insert the Potpourri with a Funnel

    Insert the funnel into the gap then fill with ½ cup of lavender potpourri. You may need to use the end of a paint brush or skewer to help get the potpourri through the funnel.

    Inserting the lavender potpourri into the heart with a funnel.

  13. Sew the Gap Closed

    Sew the gap closed with the applique stitch. It is easiest to manually wind down the needle where the stitching finished then begin sewing. This will ensure the stitching looks continuous.

    Sewing the gap closed on the heart hanging potpourri satchel with applique stitch.

Do you need a new set of funnels? This stainless steel set from Amazon can also be used for canning. (Paid link)


When using a wide applique stitch as seen in the photos the fabric will fray a little on the ends. This gives it a shabby chic feel but if you don’t want the fabric to fray simply brush the edges with clear nail polish then let dry before appliqueing the edges.

Finished Lavender Potpourri Heart Hanging Satchel

Get creative with different designs using a paint program on your computer or use Microsoft Word. Open a new document then click on Insert then Shapes.

Make several lavender satchels at once then add to Christmas gifts or give away at your next dinner party. Place one on each plate at your table using bag satchels for men and the hearts for women.

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