How to make seed raising mix
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How to make seed raising mix

Have you ever wondered how to make seed raising mix at home?  Don’t waste money on buying separate seed raising mix when you can make it yourself from cheap potting mix or your own compost.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Make Seed Raising Mix from Compost or Potting Mix

  1. Create a Sieve

    I used an old grain screen, but you could try using any old metal screen you can find.  Another method would be to overlay chicken wire until you get the desired thickness between the wires.
    The holes need to be big enough to let the finer soil through whole catching the bigger lumps.
    Colanders are also make effective sieves.

  2. Sieve the Soil

    Place sieve over a bucket or wheelbarrow then add a few handfuls of potting mix or compost.  Use a metal trowel to push the soil through the sieve.

  3. Add Slow Release Fertilizer

    Now you have a finer soil which is perfect for germinating seeds.  Add slow release fertilizer for a complete mix or water seedlings with a half strength of liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

If you can’t find something to use to sieve the soil try this coarse sieve from Amazon. (Paid link)


Plant seeds twice as deep as the size of the seed.  For small seed, sprinkle the seed over the top of the moistened seed raising mix then sprinkle the mix over the top so the seed is just covered.  Keep moist with a mist spray.

Do you need a new trowel? Try this ergonomic design from Amazon. (Paid link)

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