How to plant a bare rooted rose
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How to Plant a Bare Rooted Rose

Have you ever wondered how to plant a bare rooted rose? Seeing a rose in bloom always makes me smile. Not only do roses provide colour to the garden, but as cut flowers they bring colour and perfume to the inside of your home.

Bare rooted roses are available during the cooler months and are usually cheaper than buying a potted rose. They come in a bag with two or three stems. The thicker the stems, the older the rose and so the better it should do in its first year.

Location and Spacing for Roses

First, select the best location in the garden. If you live in climate with hot dry summers you will need a spot that doesn’t get the afternoon sun. In more temperate and cooler climates an open position in full sun is preferable.

Space Bush, Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses about 2 to 3 feet (60 – 90cm) apart. Standards 3 feet (1m) apart and Climbers 6 – 12 feet (2 – 4m) apart depending on their vigour.

Tools Needed


Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Plant a Bare Rooted Rose

  1. Water the Roots

    Take the rose carefully out of the bag then place in a bucket of water while you prepare the hole. Trim back any long or broken roots with sharp pruners.

    Soaking bare rooted rose roots in water.

  2. Prepare the Hole

    Next, dig the hole as deep as the roots and wider. Mine was about 60cm wide and about 50cm deep. Improve soil by incorporating organic matter and improve poorly drained soil by raising garden beds.
    It isn’t necessary to put fertilizer in the hole when planting. It’s best to wait until the first new growth appears.

  3. Create a Mound For the Roots

    Make a mound in the hole then water well. Take the rose out of the bucket then gently move the roots in an outward direction. Place the rose on the mound with the roots spread around it.

  4. Plant the Rose

    Make sure the bud union is 3 to 5cm above soil level, readjusting the mound if necessary.
    Gently backfill around the roots, firm the soil then water in well.
    For dry climates it is helpful to make a ridge of soil around the plant to keep the water where it is needed.

    Bare rooted rose planted.

  5. Mulch

    Always mulch well with at least an inch of mulch. Some good mulches for roses include bark mulch, pine needles and bamboo.

    Bare rooted rose mulched.

To print or save this guide on how to plant a bare rooted rose, here is the  PDF version.

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