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How to Refinish a Cutting Board

This easy guide shows how to refinish a cutting board. Don’t waste money on buying a new one when you can make your old board look like new without needing any power tools.

Tools Needed


Time needed: 20 minutes.

Refinishing a Wooden Cutting Board

  1. Sand with Coarse Sandpaper

    First sand the board in the same direction as the grain with the coarse grit sand paper. You want to reduce the deep cuts on the board, but don’t worry if they don’t disappear completely as long as the board feels fairly smooth to the touch.

  2. Sand with Fine Sandpaper

    Dust off then use the fine grit sand paper remembering to sand in the direction of the grain.

  3. Wash then Dry

    When you are happy with the smoothness of the board, wash with warm soapy water then let it air dry.

  4. Oil the Cutting Board

    Drizzle vegetable oil (I used olive oil, but any vegetable oil will do) over the board then rub it into the board with a clean cloth or paper towel.

  5. Repeat Oiling

    Repeat oiling the board to make sure it is well oiled as the sanding would have taken off any residual surface oil it may have had.
    Rub off any excess oil with another clean cloth or paper towel. It is now ready to use.

Future Care of Your Cutting Board

It is a good idea to rub vegetable oil into the board whenever it starts to look dry. This will extend the life of the wood and give you a usable chopping board for many years to come.

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To print or save this guide on how to refinish a cutting board, here is the PDF Version

How to Refinish a Cutting Board

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