Planting bean seedling in the ground in their toilet roll pots.
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How to Reuse Toilet Rolls

Ever wondered how to reuse toilet rolls? The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year which is a lot of empty rolls going to waste. They can be easily recycled, but that isn’t the only way to reuse them.

There are countless craft projects out there from making colourful pen holders, napkin holders or cutting out the curved carboard to make petals for handmade flowers, you can really get creative. My personal favourite is to reuse them in the garden.

Reusing Toilet Rolls in the Garden

Toilet rolls are the perfect size and shape to use as temporary pots for raising seeds. Once the plants are large enough, the rolls can be planted straight into the ground where they will naturally decompose.

I used this method for starting my beans early inside in a warm room before the frosts had finished. Then I was able to plant them out when the weather had warmed up, giving them a good head start on the season.


How to Reuse Toilet Rolls to Grow Beans

  1. Prepare the Toilet Rolls

    First you will need to find something to hold the toilet rolls. I used a rectangular pot and lined up the rolls inside then put soil inside and around the base of the rolls to stop them from falling over.

  2. Plant the Beans

    Next water the soil well then put one bean in each roll about an inch deep. Cover over and add more potting mix if necessary. Water in gently and put a layer of plastic wrap over the top to create a humid atmosphere.

    Planting beans in toilet rolls

  3. Germinating the Beans

    Keep moist and remove the plastic as soon as you see the first bean popping up. They will grow fast and straight up.

    Beans sprouting from their toilet roll pots.

  4. Plant the Beans

    Plant the bean with the roll next to a support in soil rich in organic matter. Backfill the soil up to the first leaves or make sure the stem is supported or it will break in the wind. Fertilise with liquid fertilizer every two weeks and keep moist until established.

    Planting bean seedling in the ground in their toilet roll pots.

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Don’t buy plastic pots when you can start seeds and cuttings in your used toilet rolls. You will have the satisfaction of reusing your waste and helping the environment at the same time.

To save or print this guide on how to reuse toilet rolls, here is the PDF Version

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