How to Stay Cool on Hot Days
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How to Stay Cool on Hot Days

This guide on how to stay cool on hot days gives a few easy ways to keep cool at home.  With our summers getting hotter and heat waves getting longer, it is important to know how to keep our body temperature down to stay healthy and sane.

Some people are not lucky enough to have an air conditioner or even if you do, it might not be adequate to keep the house cool especially during heat wave conditions.

Here are a few options:

Ice packs

They are fairly inexpensive to buy but if you are on a budget, I have a free guide on making ice and heat packs at home using scrap material and brown rice as a filler. 

How to keep your body cool

Take the ice pack out of the freezer then wrap in a tea towel or hand towel.  If you have a soft chair or lounge to sit on then place the pack along your spine.  The towel wrapped around it will keep you and the chair dry.

If you find this uncomfortable try laying the pack along your chest or down your sternum.  This will lower your body temperature and make you feel more comfortable.

It is a good idea to have a few in the freezer so you can rotate the packs as they thaw.

If you don’t want to make your own try these flexible gel ice packs from Amazon. (Paid link)

Cold Showers

A cold shower will give you immediate relief but won’t last long afterwards unless you have a cool room.  Washing your hair, especially if it’s long then letting it dry naturally will also help to extend the cooling effect.

Closing Windows, Curtains and Blinds

Open the doors and windows first thing in the morning to let the cooler air in.  Then as soon as the day starts to heat up close all doors, windows, curtains and blinds as the curtains and blinds will help to stop the heat from coming into the house.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are relatively inexpensive and work by putting cold water and ice into a reservoir.  It then pumps the water up through to a fan giving you cooler air than just a fan alone.  These are better for small rooms.

If you are interested in purchasing an evaporative cooler try this quality cooler from Amazon. (Paid link)


On the hottest days overhead fans tend to push the hot air down.  I find a pedestal or floor fan works better on these days and can help to circulate the air from an air conditioner. 

Pedestal fans are at the perfect height to blow air on you in bed.  If you are sweating in bed try sleeping on a cotton towel as some sheets have a polyester blend which will make you sweat more.


Remember to keep hydrated and keep a steady supply of ice in the freezer.  Make water taste better by adding a wedge of lemon, lime or mandarin.

Investing in a small pool for the kids or even for the adults to sit in is also worthwhile.  Place in the shade and don’t forget the super soakers!

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