How to Transplant Bamboo
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How to Transplant Bamboo

This easy guide shows how to transplant bamboo to create more plants for your new screen or garden bed.  Bamboo is a hardy plant which grows quickly making it a great choice for screening especially in small gardens.

Bamboo does like moisture however; I will admit I didn’t water my bamboo during the hot dry summer in drought conditions and it came back once it finally rained in the autumn.  It now looks beautiful and lush again.

Propagating more bamboo plants is as simple as root division of the rhizomes.  Bamboo can be invasive and multiplies easily but this can be countered by putting in deep plastic edging around the garden bed.

Tools Needed

  • Bucket
  • Twine or String
  • Shovel – If you need a new shovel try this quality folding multipurpose shovel from Amazon. (Paid link)
  • Stake (Optional)


Time needed: 30 minutes.

Transplanting Bamboo

  1. Preparing the New Site

    First dig a hole in the new position twice as wide and deep as the new clump of bamboo to be planted.  If the soil is poor add organic matter such as compost.
    Put in a stake to tie the bamboo to until the roots settle so it doesn’t topple over.  If planting next to a fence you can tie it to that.

  2. Finding the Healthiest Growth

    Next find the newest, healthiest growth at the edge of the clump of bamboo then dig downwards at an angle to get your shovel underneath the roots. 

    Digging underneath the bamboo roots.

  3. Digging Out the Rhizomes

    You may need to be quite forceful with your shovel to cut through the rhizomes where the bamboo joins the rest of the clump.  Some people use a chainsaw to cut through the rhizomes but you could use an old hand saw if the shovel won’t cut through.

    Cutting through the rhizomes with a shovel.

  4. Transplant

    Place the clump directly in a bucket of water to reduce shock on the plant then take the bucket to the new position.  Plant in the prepared hole firming the soil down well.

    The clump placed in water for transfer to new position.

  5. Stake and Water

    Tie the bamboo to the stake or fence with twine then place a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant.  
    Water in well. Keep moist over the next few weeks until the roots settle then you can remove the stake.

    Bamboo transplanted to new position.


In windy areas it would be wise to keep the bamboo staked for longer until new growth appears.

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