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Natural Remedies for an Upset Stomach

Have you ever experienced heartburn, reflux or indigestion and had nothing on hand to settle your stomach? Here are a few natural remedies for an upset stomach which can be found in the home.

Ginger for Reflux and Indigestion

Ginger is native to tropical Asia but is cultivated worldwide in tropical regions growing best in fertile soil in warm, humid conditions. It is propagated by dividing the rhizomes and harvested when ten to twelve months old.

Ginger contains chemicals gingerols and shogaols which stimulate the production and flow of saliva, bile and gastric secretions which settle stomach upsets and encourage gentle muscle contractions that move food through the digestive system.

It also has an anti-nausea effect and some studies have shown that ginger can reduce motion sickness symptoms, nausea related to pregnancy and nausea following chemotherapy and surgery.

How to Make Ginger Tea

To make ginger tea from ground ginger; place 1/8 teaspoon of dried ground ginger in a cup or mug then add boiling water. Let it steep a minute or two then drink. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey for a more pleasant taste.

Ground Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea

To make ginger tea from fresh ginger; slice a 1 ½ inch piece thinly, place in a cup then add boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes then remove the ginger, add honey and enjoy. Alternatively, for a stronger flavour, boil the ginger in a saucepan for ten minutes.

Fresh Ginger Tea
Fresh Ginger Tea


Freeze leftover ginger root by wrapping in plastic. When you need to use it, just take it out of the freezer then grate. You don’t need to let it thaw.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Reflux

It is a good idea to keep natural apple cider vinegar on hand. It must have the “mother” and be unfiltered and unpasteurised. Apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment of heartburn, reflux and can help if you are trying to get off Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors.

There doesn’t seem to be any real studies done on this treatment but many people have found it works for them. The idea is that it aids digestion by balancing the acid in the stomach.

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How to take Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour 1 teaspoon into a glass of water before breakfast and dinner. Up to 1 tablespoon twice a day if needed. It is best taken before a meal although some people take a teaspoon in water before bed so they don’t have reflux when they lie down.

If you have stopped taking Nexium, try starting with 1 tablespoon in morning and evening as the reflux will for some people be worse than before you started taking Nexium. It will take your body a few days to a few weeks to adjust.

This doesn’t work for everyone and you should always consult your doctor.

Using Baking Soda for Reflux

Baking soda is a traditional remedy for heartburn and reflux, neutralising stomach acid.

It should only be used as a temporary remedy for relief when symptoms begin and should not be taken within two hours of taking prescription medicine.

To take baking soda; dissolve ½ teaspoon in ½ cup of water then sip slowly. Repeat in two hours if needed.

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See a doctor if your reflux or heartburn symptoms persist for more than two weeks. There may be an underlying cause which will need to be investigated by your healthcare professional.


The best natural remedy for an upset stomach is increasing the fibre in your diet. Try including more fruit and vegetables, oatmeal and whole grains. Avoid high acid fruit such as citrus and tomatoes, fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol.

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