Paperback Novel Table Christmas Tree
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Paperback Novel Table Christmas Tree

This DIY project for a paperback novel table Christmas tree is a cheap, quick and easy way to create a beautiful display on your table for your Christmas gathering. This step by step guide includes pictures and a quick video at the end.

Choosing Old Books

As an avid reader there is a part of me that hates the thought of destroying any book however there are paperback novels which are in such a state that they can’t be read again and will end up in the bin anyway.

If you don’t have any old novels at home look at markets, yard or garage sales. Sometimes you can find a bulk buy of books and score a good read at the same time!

The older the pages look the better as these Christmas trees will give an old-fashioned heirloom feel. You can use black tea to stain pages which are too white however you will need to be careful as the pages can become wrinkled if they get too wet.

The height of the novel will dictate the height of the tree. Try making a Christmas tree from three or four different sized books to have different sized trees in a group display.

Decorating Your Table Christmas Tree

In this project I have simply draped gold ribbon around the tree then glued beads on the top. You could also drape a string of lace or beads around the tree, glue on beads to the branches or find an attractive star bead for the top.

Always use glue which will dry clear such as clear fabric or cheap clear wood glue. You don’t need to spend any money on this project, just get creative with the materials you can find around your home.

DIY Paperback Novel Christmas Tree

You will need 30 to 50 pages of a paperback novel for one tree. The more pages you use the fuller the tree will be.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Old Paperback Novel
  • Stapler
  • Clear Glue – This Gorilla Glue from Amazon will bond almost anything and dries crystal clear. (Paid link)
  • Decorations (Beads, Ribbon etc.)


How to Make a Paperback Novel Table Christmas Tree

  1. Remove the Pages from the Rest of the Book

    First pull off the front cover and as much of the decorative paper on the spine of the novel as you can. Count 40 pages then carefully peel that section away from the spine keeping the pages together.

    Peeling the pages for the table Christmas tree from the spine of a novel.

  2. Make the First Fold

    Take the first page then fold back the top corner so you have a fold from one corner to the opposite corner.

    Making the first fold.

  3. Make the Second Fold

    Next fold back so the fold is level with the edge of the spine as shown below.

    Making the second fold.

  4. Turn the Page Over then Repeat

    Fold the entire page over then repeat with the next page. Fold each page the same way until all of the pages have been folded.

    Page turned over ready to start folding the next page of the book.

  5. Bring Front and Back Pages Together

    Set the pages upright then bring several of the front and back pages together.

    Bringing the front and back pages together at the top point.

  6. Staple

    Staple the pages together near the top point and as close to the centre as possible.

    Stapling the front and back pages together near the top centre.

  7. Adjust the Folds

    Adjust the pages so they fan around the tree evenly.  You can open the folds a little to make the tree look fuller and give an interesting form.

    Making the paper branches of the paperback novel table Christmas tree look fuller by adjusting the folds.

  8. Decorate

    Glue on the decorations then let dry before displaying.

    Paperback Novel Table Christmas Tree Decorated with ribbon and beads.

This set of 8 rolls of different types of wired Christmas ribbon in gold and white is perfect for Christmas crafts and great value. (Paid link)


Place pinecones around the paperback novel Christmas trees for an attractive display. Find pinecones underneath pine trees. If the pine cones on the ground are too brittle or have been attacked by birds look for pine cones in the tree low enough to reach then use pruners or loppers to cut the pinecone off the branch.

Make dry pinecones darker by spraying with hairspray. Add a festive bow and greenery from the garden.

Get creative with these free homemade Christmas decoration patterns. They make wonderful presents and can be made using scrap materials. Try this Six Point Patchwork Christmas Tree Star, Five Point Star or this Christmas Tree Bird.

For more inspiration see these Craft Ideas or this Homesteading guide.

To Print or Save the instructions for this Paperback Novel Table Christmas Tree, click the button below for the PDF File.

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