Patchwork Pillowcase with Free Pattern
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Patchwork Pillowcase with Free Pattern

This patchwork pillowcase with free pattern is an easy to make project anyone can do.  Save money by using scrap material then get creative with different designs to compliment your home or for a unique personalised gift. Who doesn’t love a throw pillow?

I have included an easy log cabin style patchwork design but if you have some basic patchworking skills you can always search for free patchwork block patterns online then use your preferred block in this pillowcase.

Materials Needed

  • Scrap materials for the block work depending on your block pattern if using your own or see the amounts on the free template below.
  • Material for the block edging.
  • Material for the backing. (2 pieces 46cm (18 ½ inch) x 31cm (12 ½ inch))
  • Matching Thread
  • 45cm (18 inch) Square Insert Pillow (Other sizes can bee used just alter the width of the block edging and backing material.) (Paid link)

Tools Needed

  • Scissors – If you need a new pair of scissors, these top rated bent scissors from Amazon. They are great for cutting out material. (Paid link)
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine or Needles for Hand Sewing


How to Create a Patchwork Pillowcase

  1. Create the Front Patchwork Piece

    First cut out all of the block pieces then sew together as per the template.  If using the log cabin style template continue following the instructions included with the template.  Continue on if using your own block template.

  2. Frame Your Patchwork Design

    For a 45cm (18 inch) square pillow cut out 4 strips of material to frame your block with the total size after sewing on the strips equalling 46cm (18 ½ inch) x 46cm (18½ inch)
    15cm (10 inch) Square Block would need 2 strips 16cm (6 ¼ inch) x 15cm (6 inch) and 2 strips 16cm (6 ¼ inch) x 46cm (18 ½ inch)
    20cm (12 inch) Square Block would need 2 strips 13cm (5 1/8 inch) x 20cm (12 inch) and 2 strips 13cm (5 1/8 inch) x 46cm (18 ½ inch)
    Use a 5 mm (1/4 inch) seam when sewing these pieces together.

  3. Sewing on the Frame

    Sew the two smaller strips to either side of the block.  Press the seam back with a warm iron then sew the two longer strips onto the other two opposing sides.  Press the seams back.
    You could divide the thickness of the strips into two then use two different complimenting colours to frame the block.  This will give a log cabin effect around the block with two frames of different colours.

    Patchwork Sewn Together

  4. Cut Out Backing Material

    Cut out the material for the backing.

  5. Hem the Back Pieces

    To create a hem where the two back pieces overlap turn back the material along one short side by 5mm (1/4 inch) then pin, press flat with an iron and sew.  Repeat with the other back piece.

  6. Pin the Back Pieces to the Front Design

    Place the front patchwork piece on your table with the right side facing up.  Place the first back piece on the first with right sides together.  Match up with the two top corners of the front piece.  The back-piece hem will be in the middle.
    Place the second back piece over the top with the right side down then match up with the bottom corners of the front piece with the hem of the back piece in the middle.
    The two back pieces will overlap. 

    The back pieces of the pillowcase lined up and overlapping.

  7. Create Curved Corners and Finish the Pillowcase

    To create curved corners, place a glass on each corner then draw around the edge.  Pin around the edges then sew right around staying 5mm (1/4 inch) inside the edge of the sides and the curved corners. 
    Trim around the corners then cut triangles out of the corner seams being careful not to cut into the stitching.  This will help the fabric to sit flat around the curves.
    Turn inside out then press. 
    Insert your pillow and you’re all done!

Quilting the Patchwork

To give the front of the pillowcase a quilted look, first cut out a piece of material 46cm (18 ½ inch) by 46cm (18 ½ inch).  This can be any material as it won’t be seen.

Next place a layer of wadding on the back of the front piece after you have completed the block edging.

Place the square material on top of the wadding lining up the corners then pin the edges and across the middle to keep the wadding in place.

Then turn it over as you will be sewing the right side of the block.  Start from the middle of your block then sew around each piece in the ditch working your way out to the edges.

Sew the back pieces on as above.

If you don’t feel like making a pillowcase, I have several patchwork pillowcases for sale on my etsy shop Caraway Keepsakes.

To Save or Print the template for the log cabin style design click here for the PDF File.

To Save or Print this guide ad free for a patchwork pillowcase with free pattern, click the button below for the PDF File.

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