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Propagating Dianthus by Dividing

Propagating dianthus by dividing is the easiest way to create more plants of this beautiful perennial flower to make a stunning display in your flower beds without spending more money.

Most varieties of dianthus are herbaceous perennials which form a low rounded shrub with frilled flowers of many colors appearing throughout the warmer months.

Dianthus make an attractive border plant which will last many years. It has a clumping form which is easily divided and planted straight out into its final position in the garden.

Choosing a Dianthus Plant

Dianthus will grow in a wide range of conditions however it is always best to purchase from your local garden centre as they will have the variety which grows best in your area. They are typically hardy plants which will grow in both full sun to part shade.

Always choose a plant which has a good green color to the leaves with no yellowing of the leaves. Once planted in the garden apply a liquid fertilizer every two weeks to increase the growth rate. This will also encourage more blooms.

Once the dianthus has matured you will be able to start propagating new plants.

Dianthus forms in clumps which are easily divided.
Dianthus spreads out in clumps which are easily divided.

Dividing Dianthus

Dianthus does suffer from shock when it is transplanted however this can be reduced by taking care to keep the plant moist at all times while dividing and planting.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Trowel – This ergonomic trowel from Fiskars is great value and highly rated. (Paid link)
  • Container of Water
  • Shovel
  • Aged Manure or Compost
  • Mulch – This top rated EZ-Straw mulch covers a large area, is completely organic and biodegradable. (Paid link)


How to Divide Dianthus to Create More Plants

  1. Prepare the Dianthus for Division

    First water the existing dianthus plant well then set a container of water nearby.

  2. Prepare the Soil for the New Plants

    Next prepare the soil for the new plants by digging in aged compost or manure.

  3. Divide the Dianthus

    Using the trowel gently remove the dirt from around one side of the dianthus then hold the base of one clump firmly while you gently pull the plant upwards. The roots should be attached to the clump otherwise discard then water the plant again and try another clump.

    Dividing the dianthus clumps by gently pulling apart.

  4. Plant in the New Position

    Place the new plant into the container of water then plant immediately in its new position.

  5. Mulch and Water

    Repeat until you have enough new plants working your way around the outside of the existing dianthus. Mulch then water the new plants well. Keep moist for the first two weeks to help them settle in and reduce the transplant shock.

    The new plant mulched and watered in well.


It is best to remove no more than one third of the existing dianthus as you may need to replace the plants which didn’t survive the division.

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