Propagating Tahitian Bridal Veil
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Propagating Tahitian Bridal Veil

Propagating Tahitian bridal veil (gibasis geniculata) is easy with this step by step guide. This beautiful trailing plant with dainty white flowers is propagated by both division and cuttings. 

Tahitian bridal veil can grow from 8 to 20 inches (20 to 50cm) wide with long deep green leaves along long stems. The leaves are purple on the underside making this plant perfect for hanging baskets where the contrasting colors can be seen. 

Dainty white flowers form along the stems during most of the year depending on your climate. It can also be grown as a ground cover as long as it is protected from frosts and direct sun. 

Caring for Tahitian Bridal Veil 

Tahitian bridal veil prefers warm humid conditions however it will grow successfully in dry arid climates as long as it is protected from direct sun, extreme heat and frosts. 

Planting in a hanging basket with a water reservoir is a great option as it can be brought inside when needed. These plants do very well under a porch or verandah.  

They will grow in part shade to full shade conditions where there is filtered light. To encourage fuller growth pinch back the stems.  

Water the plant regularly but let the plant dry between watering to prevent root rot. Tahitian bridal veil is a tough plant which will come back after periods of dry as long as there is still some green in the leaves. 

Why are my Tahitian Bridal Veil leaves brown? 

They will go brown when they need to be watered. Water the plant more regularly or plant in a pot with a water reservoir. 

Do I need to fertilize Tahitian Bridal Veil? 

This plant will benefit with a regular application of liquid fertilizer. This will improve growth and promote more flowers. 


Propagating Tahitian Bridal Veil by Taking Cuttings 

Taking cuttings of Tahitian bridal veil does not require any special equipment or growth hormone. Roots will form from the nodes along the stem. 

Simply cut a section of the stem 4 inches (10cm) long with at least one node then plant in a pot with the node just covered with soil. Keep moist then place in a warm position until the roots form which can take a week to a few weeks depending on your climate. 

Tahitian bridal veil cutting with roots grown successfully.

Propagating Tahitian Bridal Veil by Division 

Propagating Tahitian bridal veil by division is the best way to create new plants quickly as you can keep many of the stems on the new plant. 

Tools and Materials Needed 

  • Pot or Planter – These beautiful set of 2 Hanging Planters are for indoor and outdoor use and are highly rated on Amazon. (Paid link)
  • Potting Mix 
  • Trowel 
  • Liquid Fertilizer – This Indoor Plant Fertilizer makes fertilizing pot plants easy. (Paid link)


How to propagate Tahitian bridal veil by division.

  1. Preparation

    Water the existing plant well then prepare the new pot by filling it halfway with potting mix. 

  2. Divide the Plant

    Decide which segment of the existing plant you would like to remove them trim the stems if they are very long. Insert the trowel straight down then gently remove the segment. 

    Trowel inserted into the Tahitian bridal veil to divide the plant.

  3. Plant the New Plant

    Place in the middle of the new pot then backfill around the plant with potting mix. Water in well. 

    Planting the new plant in a pot.

  4. Fill in the Hole

    Fill the hole left in the existing pot with potting mix. The plant will grow and fill in the space left. 

    Filling in the hole left in the original plant with potting mix.

  5. Plant Care

    Wait 2 weeks before applying liquid fertilizer. Use the product directions for application rates for pot plants. 

    Finished propagating Tahitian bridal veil by division.


The existing plant can be removed from the pot then cut into sections with a sharp knife. Pot up each section as above.  This is an easy way to create many new plants. 

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