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Remedies for Furniture Scratches and Heat Stains

These home remedies for furniture scratches and heat stains are easy to make at home from commonly found ingredients.  You don’t need to cover up a gorgeous wooden table with a tablecloth when the scratches and heat stains can be fixed without going to the trouble of revarnishing.

Home Remedies for Furniture Scratches

  • Remove surface scratches by mixing together 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of vinegar.  Use white vinegar for lighter wood and malt vinegar for darker wood.  Rub on with a soft cloth then polish with a clean cloth. 
  • Deeper scratches that have not penetrated the wood can be fixed by applying bees wax or furniture wax (paid link) to the scratch then polish with a soft cloth.
  • For deeper scratches that have penetrated the wood try using shoe polish the same colour as the wood. 
Before and after photo of a furniture scratch fixed with a home remedy.

Home Remedies for Furniture Heat Stains

  • Thin raw linseed oil with a little mineral turpentine. Place a few drops on a piece of cotton wool then rub over the heat mark until it is less noticeable.  Polish with straight raw linseed oil.
  • Place 1 or 2 drops of methylated spirits on cotton wool then rub the heat mark and the surrounding area until it is less noticeable then polish.
  • Remove scorch marks left by hot dishes with Brasso (paid link). This product is normally used for polishing brass and silver.  Shake the bottle well then apply to a cotton cloth.  Rub the ring mark vigorously in a circular motion then clean off and polish.
  • Cigarette burns on wooden furniture can be removed by making a thick paste with powdered pumice (paid link) and linseed oil. Rub in the direction of the grain then clean off and polish with straight raw linseed oil.

Remedies for Candle Wax Stains

  • Immediately chill the wax with an ice cube or ice pack.  Carefully peel off the wax with a dull knife being careful not to scratch the table.  Polish the spot.

Other Furniture Fixes

  • Scratches on glass can be removed by mixing a teaspoon of white toothpaste with a teaspoon of Brasso.  Rub the scratch with this mixture on a soft cloth.  This will cut and polish the scratch out.
  • Remove sticky tape from wooden furniture by spraying with window cleaner.  Let it soak then peel off and polish the area.  It should come off easily without leaving a mark.

Homemade Natural Furniture Polish

½ Cup Raw Linseed Oil (Paid link)

½ Cup White Vinegar

Place the two ingredients in a recycled glass jar then secure the lid.  Shake well to combine then apply to a soft cloth.  Rub over your furniture then polish off with a clean soft cloth.  Leave to dry for 24 hours.


Add a few drops of lavender oil to your furniture polish to give it a subtle scent.

For excellent results try this natural beeswax furniture polish from Amazon. (Paid link)

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For more home cleaning remedies try these white vinegar uses or baking soda uses for the home. You might also like this Homesteading guide.

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