Reusing Egg Cartons in the Garden
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Reusing Egg Cartons in the Garden

Reusing egg cartons in the garden is a great way to reduce waste and save money.  They make a good grass barrier, are perfect for starting seeds and can be used as a storage box for the seeds you have collected from your garden.

Using Egg Cartons as a Grass Barrier

This works well around fruit and nut trees or anywhere you need a barrier to keep your lawn at bay.  The cartons can be painted to improve their look with exterior paints.  This will prevent the paint from washing off into the soil.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Use Egg Cartons as a Grass Barrier

  1. Prepare the Egg Cartons

    First cut off the lids then set aside the bottom of the carton which can be used to germinate seedlings.
    Next cut all four corners so the lid can be flattened out.

    Preparing the Egg Carton

  2. Dig the Trench

    Dig a trench line around the plant or along the border of the garden bed.  It should be about 20cm (8 inches) deep.  Remove any unwanted grass and weeds.

    Digging Trench Around Tree

  3. Lay the Egg Cartons

    Then place the carton lids along the trench overlapping the edges.  Have the carton sit 1m to 2cm (1/2 inch) above the grass.

    Placing the egg cartons around the trench.

  4. Backfill the Soil

    Backfill the soil behind the cartons then apply mulch to the garden bed.  If placing in a circle, the soil will help to bend the cartons into a curve.

    The soil is backfilled and mulched behind the egg carton barrier.

The cartons will fade over time. The only problem with using egg cartons as a grass barrier is that you have to be careful when using a whipper snipper or edger so that the cord doesn’t hit the carton or it will cut it. 

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Germinating Seeds with Egg Cartons

This works well with most seeds especially annual flowers such as calendula, alyssum and marigolds (Paid links) or leaf vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and herbs.

First take the bottom of the carton and write the name of the seeds on the lip with a permanent marker.

Next fill the cells with seed raising mix.  Sprinkle the seed over the top then cover with more soil to the required depth. If you don’t have any seed raising mix try making your own.

Water well with a mister then keep moist until the seedlings emerge.  Transplant to their final position when they have their second leaves.

Germinating Seeds with Egg Cartons

Some egg cartons hold water better than others.  If you are germinating the seeds inside it would be best to put the carton on a plastic tray.

Egg Carton Seed Storage Box

Egg Carton Seed Storage Box Completed.

This is a great way to store seeds and reuse egg cartons too.  The carton provides a dark moisture free environment for the seeds which will help to extend their shelf life.

The lid of the carton can be painted to give it an attractive appearance.  You don’t need to be Van Gough – just have fun with it.  Painting is relaxing and a great way to improve our mental health.

Use another egg carton to mix your paints.  When you’re finished all you have to do is close the lid and discard making cleaning up easy.

Using Egg Cartons for Painting

I store my seeds in a plastic bag securing the top to create an airtight seal.  Each bag is then placed in a cell of the egg carton.

Storing Seeds in an Egg Carton

Write the name of the seed on the edge of each cell to make them easier to find.  Close the lid then store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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