Tradescantia Pallida (Purple Heart) Cuttings
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Tradescantia Pallida (Purple Heart) Cuttings

Taking tradescantia pallida (purple heart) cuttings is a great way to save money while extending your succulent garden with this beautiful plant. This easy guide shows how to take purple heart cuttings from an existing plant.

Tradescantia pallida a species of spiderwort originating in Mexico. This plant is also known as purple queen and purple secretia. An evergreen perennial, the purple heart has beautiful lilac three petalled flowers and striking purple leaves. The stems are segmented with new roots growing from the segments.

Cuttings can be taken during the warmer months and will need to be protected from frosts during the winter. Cuttings taken in the fall can be placed in a warm protected position such as next to a brick wall with at least half a day’s sun. They will then be ready to plant out in the spring once the threat of frosts has finished.


This striking plant can be grown indoors and is known for its air filtering qualities. Choose an outdoor position in full sun to part shade. For areas that experience heavy frosts it can be planted under a tree or around taller succulents that will provide it with some protection.

Tradescantia pallida can tolerate moderate frosts but will die back with new plants growing from the roots in the spring. They require little water however they will benefit from regular watering if you are experiencing drought conditions.

Taking Tradescantia Pallida (Purple Heart) Cuttings

Tools and Materials Needed


Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to take tradescantia pallida (purple heart) cuttings

  1. Prepare the Pots

    Prepare your pots by filling with potting mix then water well. Place pots in a bucket or tray to take to the site of the plant along with the pruners and growth hormone.

  2. Cut the Segments

    Use your finger to make a hole in the middle of each pot for the cutting. Cut below either one or two segments from the top of the stem keeping in mind the roots will form from these segments.

    Purple Heart Segments

  3. Plant the Cutting

    Dip the segment into the rooting hormone powder being sure to get the hormone on the cut and the segment then place in the pot firming the soil around it. All segments should be covered with soil.

    Purple heart cutting dipped in cutting powder.

  4. Keep Moist

    Once you have taken all of your cuttings, place the pots in a warm position. Keep moist but not waterlogged. The time for roots to grow will depend on how warm your climate is at the time the cuttings were taken.

    Tradescantia Pallida (Purple Heart) Cuttings planted in pots.

  5. Plant Out

    Plant into its new position when roots have formed and the threat of frost has finished.

    Purple heart cutting with roots formed ready to be planted out.

These biodegradable pots are great for cuttings. They can also be planted directly into the ground reducing plant shock. (Paid link)


You may find roots already forming on a segment. This can be cut off then placed directly into a pot.

Cuttings are best taken during the warmer months as roots will form quicker than when it is cool. Always take more cuttings than plants you need as not all will take.

Plant a purple heart in an attractive pot for a cheap but beautiful gift.

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