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What to do with a Broken Cup

Have you ever broken a cup or mug? Silly question, I know, but don’t let that sinking feeling get to you when you can reuse the shattered pieces.  Here are two ideas on what to do with a broken cup or mug.

After stacking my draining rack too high, my beautiful mug from Pilliga Pottery fell and smashed on the ground. Instead of throwing it out, I thought of two potential uses.

Tools Needed


How to Reuse a Broken Cup

  1. Create Smaller Pieces

    First put the shattered pieces in a bucket then hit them with the end of a hammer. This will help to get rid of some of your annoyance at breaking the mug and creates smaller pieces.
    The bucket helps to keep the pieces from shooting out at you, but protective glasses would still be wise – you don’t want a pottery shard lodged in the eye to add to your grief!

    Breaking a cup into smaller pieces.

  2. Mosaic

    Store the best looking pieces in a bag for a future mosaic project. Even though the pieces have a slight curve, they will still work in a mosaic.

    Mosaic pieces from a broken cup.

  3. Improving Pot Drainage

    The rest of the pieces that are not usable for a mosaic can be placed in the bottom of pots to create better drainage.  Put a handful in each pot over the centre hole then cover with soil.

    Pieces used for Flowerpot drainage

To print or save this guide on what to do with a broken cup, here is the  PDF version.

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