White Vinegar Uses
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White Vinegar Uses

White vinegar is cheap and can be used as a chemical free cleaning product making it a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. This guide shows some of the white vinegar uses around the home from cleaning bathrooms to brass.

How to Clean Windows with Vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar (the cheapest you can find) and half water. Spray onto windows then wipe off with a clean soft cloth or paper towel.

How to clean windows with vinegar

To remove fly spray from windows, fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent. Use a non-scratch sponge to wipe off the fly spray. Wipe off any suds left on the window then clean with the vinegar spray for a streak free finish.

Cleaning a Kettle with Vinegar

Mineral deposits form on the kettle elements making it louder when it boils. Using cheap white vinegar, fill the kettle with the vinegar before bed then leave overnight. The next morning pour out the vinegar then boil with fresh water, tip out and fill again ready for your morning cuppa.

If your kettle isn’t as clean as you would like in the morning, shake baking soda into the kettle then gently wipe out with a non-scratch sponge. Rinse out well, fill with fresh water, boil then tip the water out.

Heating the vinegar may also help to remove stubborn deposits.

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Removing Tarnish from Brass

Stir together ½ cup salt and ½ cup plain flour. Add enough white vinegar to make a thick paste then cover the brass with the paste. Let dry overnight, wash off then buff with a soft cloth or paper towel.

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Cleaning Bathrooms without Chemicals

Wipe the bath with bicarb soda sprinkled on a damp sponge then polish by wiping over with vinegar. Water rust marks can be removed from baths by rubbing with vinegar.

To clean tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, chrome, refrigerators or enamel add 3 cups of vinegar to a bucket of warm water.

Here are some more ways to clean with vinegar:

To clean out the washing machine, add 2 cups of vinegar to a warm water cycle without any clothes.

Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with vinegar to stop mould.

Reduce lint on sheets by adding a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

See this guide to stopping towels from shedding lint with vinegar.

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To save or print this guide on white vinegar uses here is the PDF Version

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